Thursday, July 13, 2017

Skittish Socialite - 7/12/17

I will never ever deny that as an introvert I adore spending most of my time (outside of work and necessary errands) at home, by myself, doing whatever I like. Which is usually reading, cleaning, or watching Let's Play videos on Youtube featuring my favorite gamers. (Shout out to CinnamonToastKen!)

But even a skittish cat like myself has to get out and be a little bit friendly once in a while.

So a curious thing happened about a week ago - someone I used to work with (kind of ) here at ARCH reached out to me on Facebook and asked if I'd like to meet up for drinks and chatting some time. Now, I had never had a proper conversation with this person before, so I was mightily surprised to get that friend request let alone a request for IRL company.

But I said yes, and we made plans to meet at one of the local bars in St Paul on Tuesday. It ended up being a pretty okay experience - we have a lot more in common that I had anticipated so that was kind of neat.

I have terrible self-esteem though and automatically assume I'm the world's most annoying, awkward, and unpleasant person to be around, so I was surprised when she wanted to make plans to meet up again. Am I really an okay afternoon companion?

I'm still grappling with that one.

We might meet up for sushi.

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