Friday, June 23, 2017

Settling into Change - 6/23/17

I'm experiencing kind of a surreal moment right now. This is the last Friday I will ever sit in this office. This is the last Friday I will ever sit at my desk in my nice little corner, in my frigid little basement office, in this old-as-balls building on University Ave.

Next Friday, I will be reporting to our new offices several miles north of here, up in Little Canada. Don't panic - I still have access to transit, it's just gonna be a nerve-wracking adjustment. I don't handle change well.

As evidenced by how weird I feel right now.

Yesterday, we started pulling everything off the walls and suddenly the space in here felt like it was looming in on us. A bunch of stuff (decor, excess furniture, etc) was piled into the conference room and we had a "silent auction" for some of it. Either we claimed it or it went to a good home in the dumpster. So I have, next to my desk, a scuffed up file cabinet that will be re-purposed into a cute little nightstand in my next apartment, a piece of wall art that I'm certain is going to look fabulous in my new kitchen, a tiny vase I can FINALLY put all my cute pink sea glass into AND a deck of Uno cards. Correct.

So all this is in my office with me, while I wrap up any last minute scanning and such. It just feels surreal.'s still our office yet it's not. I won't even have the same desk when we move - the desk I'm currently using is going to belong to an employee named Cecilia who works in a different department. Her name is taped onto my furniture right now.

It's weird.

At least I'll have a 4 day weekend for Independence Day - which is convenient because we get the keys to our new apartment that weekend as well. So it'll be busy, full of change, anxiety-inducing, etc. Like most holiday weekends are, for me.

Stay tuned....

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