Friday, May 5, 2017

Open Note Bowing

Things are progressing a little more slowly with my violin learning that I might like, mostly due to work overload and the resulting stress and exhaustion, but I have learned some very useful bits of information about how to prepare my violin and bow.

I had no idea what kind of tension is required for good playing, so I've done a fair amount of reading and Youtube perusing, as well as messing around with my own bow to see where it feels and plays the smoothest, so I think I have that problem ironed out.

I also got it in tune. It was all kinds of wonky straight out of the box, one of the strings was even slipping off the neck. So once I got that sorted out I sat down with Tyler's electric tuner and hammered out the sequence of G, D, A, and E. Fine tuners are a godsend, lemme tell ya. If I had to do all of that using the pegs, I would have been in a world of hurt.

So now, following my Youtube instructor's advice, my next step will be to practice bowing on the open strings and getting to know what each note really sounds and feels like, before moving onto 2nd and 3rd finger "fretting".

Maybe I'll have time to do that on Monday...

I won't get anywhere unless I start with the basics, right?