Tuesday, February 14, 2017


I really thought my life was going to become easier to manage once I had steady paychecks coming in. Boy, am I naive sometimes....

True, I can finally manage to pay the bills that used to give my partner so much anxiety and anger. Like rent, utilities, groceries.....I can even spare a little bit to buy myself something here and there...usually just at Goodwill. But I've managed to pad my work wardrobe pretty successfully with secondhand items.

I've been at my administrative job for almost two full months now. I thought the job was going to get easier as I acclimated, but true to form I've only been handed more responsibilities as the days wear on. The good news is that I might get to hand off my OMTE stuff to a "temp" while my senior and I get to work on integrating a new database system. This is apparently going to be intensive and time-consuming, so I made it a point to bring up this particular aspect of my job to see if I could hand it off to someone else. It's looking promising.

The only thing I have to do is schedule the times for a few more applicants and then I can pass the actual test proctoring off to someone else. Good deal. That whole business gives me MAD anxiety and I'm glad to be done with it so I can return to simple and repetitive data entry.

And hopefully before I need to return to that job duty, other members of our office finally come back and everything goes back to the way it was. That would be ideal.

In my downtime, I've been indulging in Korean dramas again. I recently watched the much beloved Goblin and tonight I finished up Legend of the Blue Sea. Both were kind of fantasy based while set in the modern era and I REALLY enjoy that kind of genre. So I might be looking for others of their kind to catch up on.

....My hair is growing out too. I got it cut recently because the back was getting dangerously close to resembling a mullet and now it's chopped into a psuedo-bob that's gonna look real cute as it grows out. Which it is - I'm happy. For some reason I really want long hair again and I can finally afford to maintain it.

That's all. It's late.

Happy Valentine's Day and Taco Tuesday......where's my tequila?