Wednesday, January 4, 2017

"Lets Talk about Witchcraft" Questionnaire

Learning about others’ practice, assumption free! Get talking, get chatty, these aren’t hard and fast questions, so go where the prompt leads you.

1. Is your craft secular, or does it intersect with religion/spirituality?

~ While I do consider myself a casual pagan (belief in multiple deities, spirits, etc) my craft itself is pretty secular. I don't really attach any religious dogma to it. You won't find an invocations to deity, any kind of Wiccan structure in my spellcasting, and certainly no prayers. Not in my craft anyways....on a daily basis though I have been known to ask certain goddesses for help in reigning in some intense emotions. "Give me the strength to not strangle this racist piece of human filth"....kind of thing.

2. Spell language: do like it simple? Do you dress it up? Is it poetry? Is it silent?

~Most of my spells don't involve much in the way of chanting or verbalizing, unless it's to state an intent or seal an intention. Rhyming and poetry often feel stilted to me and kind of fake, so I prefer to just keep things simple and to the point.

3. On a scale from “Kitchen Witch” to “I could burn water”, how much of your witchcraft takes place in the kitchen?

~ Some of it does, most of it doesn't. I do cook herbs into a lot of my food and I'm always mindful of what that might impart. But usually the extent of my kitchen witchery is stirring my coffee a certain way and infusing it with magical energy.

4. On a scale from “TechnoWitch” to “I broke the internet”, how much of your witchcraft incorporates technology?

~ A good amount of if these days, actually. I'm always reblogging emoji spells and internet magic to further charge and cast it. I've noticed that the energy of the internet and the ease of transferring intent using electricity has truly tangible results, at least for me. 9/10 - will continue using.

5. Herbs: essential? confusing? no thank you? if I could get my hands on some?

~ Only what I normally cook with, so things like basil, garlic, red pepper, cinnamon, etc. And I don't really use them in magic outside of food related stuff.

6. Tools: handmade only? natural materials only? I only need my will? anything works if I want to use it?

~ For me, as a low-budget witch, pretty much anything goes. If I can spare it in daily use, I'll probably use it for some magical purpose or another. It's kind of all about the intent you give that item or your association with it. 

7. Do you work with the elements? perhaps not air earth fire water? no connection to them?

~ Not sure I work with them so much as take advantage of the associations often tied to them. For spells that involve letting go of something or cleansing something, I might use a particularly windy day in which to cast it. For workings involving structure and stability, I'll probably use some dirt. Fire is great for energy related work....Yeah, I guess I do work with them.

8. Do you do spells for others? Do you or would you buy or sell services?

~Spells? Not really no. I might if someone asked me nicely and didn't have any weird intentions about it. Like, I'm not gonna cast a love spell for you, you're on your own in that department.

9. Divination: Yes, no, maybe, try again later? Methods?

~ I use Oracle cards, Tarot just isn't for me. I'd love to try my hand at pendulums someday (if I can find just the right one!) and I do use spirit boards but that's less for divination and more for spirit work.

10. Do you write all your own spells, use ones from books, or a combination?

~ Ha, I'm lucky if I ever write any of my workings down! But typically I use a combination of other people's ideas morphed into something that works well for me (usually removing all religious context).

11. Love spells? Curses? Discuss.

~ Love spells work, and they can work effectively. But they almost always backfire and have disastrous consequences at one point or another. Because love is fickle and really can't be pinned down and controlled, no matter how much you want to. You'd be better off casting a spell to attract love to you or to make yourself more open to love - in all forms. Regarding curses....I am pro-curse all the way. 

12. Moon phases, planetary correspondences, day of the week, hour: irrelevant or key?

~ I almost never know what phase the moon is in and I only just found out recently that Mercury was going retrograde. Big whoop....

13. Is witchcraft an everyday thing? Is it only for special occasions? Lots of ritual? Just a few words? Both? 

~ In a sense, it's an everyday thing because I AM a witch every day. Am I always spellcasting? No. Do I hold rituals often? No. I don't even acknowledge my spirit companions all that often. But I am always aware that I am a magical being and I hold power at my finger tips. I just don't need to use it all the time. 

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  1. very interesting. i digged into wicca a couple years ago and by this i mean i read books about it and connected to pagan / wiccan forums online. i did not feel at ease with calling the God and the Goddess, casting spells, the altar and stuff. i don't belong to any religion. my spirituality is complicated, more new age inclined but i don't meditate or read positive thinking every day. i just try to be a nice person and i send my positive energy to those i love. you seem to be a nice and wise person. i'm glad i met you online, really. *bless*