Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I'm at a loss here...[TW:Politics]

I've been seeing some jarring and frightening headlines recently. I've been screen-shotting some of them, for posterity.

 Badlands National Park took a stand against the gag order handed down by the Trump Administration and continued to post fact-based pieces of science that have been continuously deleted almost as soon as they're posted. Freedom of Speech is under attack.

The Administration is pro-keeping secrets from the public that could have potentially disastrous effects on them. What is this, 1984?

This one hits the hardest. If this one passes, businesses and corporations will be able to legally discriminate against LGBT+ individuals, single mothers, and unwed heterosexual couples, because it effectively places religious rights over the rights over individuals.

DAPL and Keystone are now a go, thanks to Trump signing them into action, despites months of protesting against them by Native and Veterans alike. It's worth noting that Trump has stock invested in the company proposing the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Friends. Comrades. We've entered a very dark time. The rise of Facism and Dictatorship are upon us. I don't know if it can be stopped or who's strong enough to stand up and continue to fight against it. I'll be here, as long as I can, spreading information and updates where I can until even I am silenced.

I won't go quietly into that good night.

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