Friday, January 20, 2017

I'll get you, my pretty....

...and your little dog, too.

So our upstairs neighbor got herself a puppy dog.

This is distressing for a multitude of reasons:
1) There are no pets allowed in this building. Part of the lease agreement.
2) This individual is irritating enough on her own, now she has a yippy little "therapy dog" in her unit.
3) It makes noise, constantly. So she makes noise, constantly.
4) There is dog doo outside my window.

I'm not against companion animals in the slightest, I know how therapeutic they can be to have around if you're lonely, depressed, suffering from anxiety, house-bound, etc. And so I totally understand why a person would want to obtain a cute, small animal to keep them company.

But that animal should NOT bark, whine, and yip at all hours of the day and night when your walls are thinner than paper and everything echoes. That animal should NOT piss and shit right underneath your neighbor's living room window and you certainly should NOT leave it there. (There are city laws stating you have to clean up your animal's defecate or you could be fined, pretty heftily.) You should NOT have to stomp loudly in your animals direction to "scold" it, because the only individuals suffering from that are the neighbors below you. You should NOT clap your hands and proudly exclaim "Good boy!" right outside your neighbor's window every time your animal takes a crap and doesn't use that opportunity to run out onto the road.

In other words, if you're going to keep a small animal (like a dog) in an apartment complex, use good judgement and keep it quiet and clean. Don't annoy the hell out of your neighbors every chance you get, just because you can. Because, believe it or not, some of those neighbors might be logging every offense and violation, dating and stamping it.

Because that's what I'm doing. And if she doesn't get her shit together, quite literally, she's gonna go away.


  1. A flat is not appropriate for a dog. The place is too small and like you said, the noise is hard to bear when walls are thin. I have a dog, we live in a house, she can frolic in the garden but everytime she barks we demand her to get in the house and stay quiet until she understands she must not bark as hell bc their are neighbours. As for the excrements, she pees and pooes in our garden so it doesn't annoy anyone.

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