Monday, January 16, 2017

24k gold face masks and 3 weeks on the job...

Three weeks at my new job down and one paycheck later....I sit at my desk with a splitting migraine and listen to my upstairs neighbor blast her music and scold her new yippy "therapy" dog....

But life could be worse.

At least now the fridge has some food in it and I'm no longer starving, save for the generosity of my work crew and their predilection for buying the office lunch. I have new hair products, so I'm no longer using leftover baby shampoo to scrub my hair clean. I have an extra set of nice pants to wear to work now, so that I don't show up with the same pair of black trousers three times a week. That might have been getting noticeable....

At Target I picked up this cheap face mask from Miss Spa that had 24k gold flecks in it. I don't think I'm that big a fan of having my face look that shimmery, but I'm sure it's a great product to use before a night out on the town. Just not my style.

On Sunday afternoon, we took an hour long bus ride to go have sushi. Next time I'll refrain from ordering a bunch of rolls that are overstuffed with weird ingredients. Cream cheese and sushi should never mix. I'll stick with sashimi and miso soup from now on....

And like an adult, I also paid the electric bill and put more money on my fare card for transit. In two more weeks, I'll have an even bigger paycheck, because that one won't be punctuated by three missed days. Then it'll be time to pay rent and buy more groceries. Adulting for the win!


  1. I feel ya, I've been at this new job for about a month now. The next 3 paychecks are for rent and maybe (?) food.

    1. It's funny because you're like "Hey, money! I can buy myself nice things!" and then reality crashes down around you.