Tuesday, December 13, 2016

There are holes in our floor.....

So when we first moved in, we noticed something curious about the corners near the window - there were two oddly fitted vent plates just shoved into the corners of the floor. Our landlord informed us that they were just to cover up "holes" in the floor. No biggie, it would get fixed if it was a problem and since we had our bed on top of that area for the longest time, we sort of forgot about it.

Then it started getting cold. Really cold. And we noticed that there was some cold air blowing up from those holes in the floor. So we went and got some cheap floor mats from Walmart to drop in there to keep out the draft. Worked well enough then.

Here's the thing - it's 3 degrees F outside right now. That's -16 C for those of you around the world. Despite the fact that we have shoved our small couch into that window corner, stuffed blankets underneath it and pretty much piled ALL of our extra junk into those nooks and crannies - it's still only about 40 F ( 4 C ) inside the apartment. The wooden floors feel like they're made of ice. Cold drafts are coming in from around pretty much ALL the windows and I can still feel the cool air from around the couch pile creeping across the floor....

The only way to stay even remotely warm or comfortable in this studio is to hide under the blankets in bed. All day. It's too cold to even stand in the kitchen and cook something. It's too cold to sit in the bathroom. I can't even hang out on top of the bed without feeling the chill.

So naturally I put in a maintenance request with our leasing agency. I did this a number of days ago, to be honest. I even requested a new lightbulb for our kitchen (a really easy fix) and it's been a week with no results. I have no idea what our landlord is up to - I don't see him anymore around here. When I do see him, he's in the middle of loading up his wild children and screaming girlfriend to go somewhere....

And it's hard to put in a complaint about him, since our leasing agent is his brother. Oops.

So I have no idea what to do, except stay under the blankets and pray I don't get sick again.....


  1. Your landlord sounds like my old landlord, horrid. If you know for sure that part of the draft is coming from the window you can buy this plastic film that seals it in (available at hardware stores). My old place was about as drafty as an abandoned house, we covered all the windows and it helped a fair bit. The office was always cold because the vent, I had to use a space heater that would turn on when it reached a certain temperature. It's possible the holes in the floor board aren't your only problem, the walls might lack adequate insulation. I'm sure there's some kind of foam you could pack into the holes, you could probably go to any hardware store and just describe the situation, I've met clerks with crazy amounts of experience who can solve almost any problem. Other than that, legally this is an issue. I don't know how you handle it in your country but going to something akin to Canada's Landlord and Tenant's board and filing a claim might be worth it.

    1. Thanks for the advice - we've been considering putting plastic up on our windows but didn't think we'd need it until later in winter. But that might actually help, so we'll look into it!