Monday, December 26, 2016

I had a "holly jolly".....something.

Over the holiday weekend Tyler and I didn't really have much planned. We'd already decided that driving out to Wisconsin on the 24th was a bust, but his mom did stop over that morning with some gifts for us. Apparently, she'd gone to the Dominican Republic recently and brought back some souvenirs - like fridge magnets, knick-knacks, rum and a bottle of Mama Juana herbs/bark. We'll probably never actually make the stuff, but it was pretty interesting nonetheless. She also left us with some cash.

That afternoon, we decided to go back to Chaska to have Christmas Eve with Tyler's dad, who was attempting to roast a turkey. I'm pretty sure he got it in the oven around 3 pm, but the darn thing wasn't finished until closer to eight o'clock. The potatoes turned out okay but I am of the firm opinion that Stove Top brand stuffing should NEVER be baked under any circumstances. That's why it's called Stove Top, y'know?

So while we waited on food, Tyler and I watched a lot of pointless Youtube videos and even sat through the Bill Murray film Scrooged. Which was terrible by the way....

The holiday decor in his townhome was minimal, but still festive. And the pups were glad to see us, though Dakotah was the only one willing to sit pretty for a photo. He spent most of the night in my lap or begging for turkey scraps. Cutie. Lacey, the other Cairn, seemed particularly camera shy that evening...

After dinner, we actually went to the bar for a beer. It had been quite a while since I visited Heartbreakers, but they had this awesome ale on tap called 9 Ladies Dancing, which was flavored with vanilla and coffee. Pretty awesome.

On Christmas Day, we drove up to see my mom at her place in freezing rain. The weather always seems really messed up whenever we go visit her....

She made scalloped potatoes with ham for dinner and it just didn't feel like a Christmas dinner...but its hard to really put together a feast with no money and I understand this. We hung out there for a while and once the rain stopped, we eventually meandered back to St. Paul.

Bonus photo of Tyler and the little black hellion - Shadow. 

I had every intention of going to bed early that night, I really did. You see, I had to start a new job in the morning and I always get anxious the night I usually try to crash early so I can sleep through the night. Instead, we watched Batman Returns, a Tim Burton classic, because it was technically a Christmas film and Tyler had never seen it. 

Suffice to say, I didn't get ANY sleep at all last night (because nervous) and then I went in at 9 am to start this administrative position. It actually went a lot better than expected - they have coffee in the office and snacks sometimes too - and everyone was really nice. I think this is something I can actually stick with and enjoy - wish me luck! \

I'm working in Interpreter Administration with ARCH Language Network in St Paul, MN. Woot! 


  1. Sounds not bad.
    I'm happy for you for the job. What are the languages you speak?

    1. Just English, I do administrative work in their offices. We get new interpreters registered and stuff.

    2. Ah ok. Would you be tempted to learn a new language and what would it be? :)

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