Friday, December 9, 2016

Getting a little bit "Liff'ed"

So it's been a hot minute since my last update regarding Target and lack of funds. I'm starting to get the impression that this blog is a lot of me complaining about shitty jobs and no money. Sorry for that. 

There is SOME good news though: I got a new job. Last week I had an interview with The Liffey, which is an Irish pub here in St. Paul just a stone's throw from my apartment so the location couldn't be better. They hired me on as a line cook, which is something I've never done before and am admittedly nervous about, but they're also starting me at $11.50 an hour, so I can't really scoff at that.

I was supposed to start this Wednesday. To my absolutely dismay, I woke up that morning with a head full of static, a nose full of snot, and a nasty sore throat. Tyler had been sick since the previous week and I'd been hoping that I would not contract whatever he'd brought home. Alas, the morning of my first day I started exhibiting the nast symptoms of the either a severe cold or the flu.

So I wasn't able to start. I'm only now coming down from the nasty illess - yesterday was absolutely rotten. I probably went through the equivalent of two boxes of tissues and all that coughing didn't help my sinus headache either. Today, I'm feeling better but I still have a cough and my voice is really hoarse. Even so, I'm going to call tomorrow morning and let them know I'm ready to come in and get started.

Lucky for me, they've been pretty understanding and because I'm only starting training this week, they can probably do some last-minute rescheduling for me. But this also means that I have to work extra hard to get good at being a line cook and prove myself, despite being sick.

Am I nervous? Oh goodness yes. I get stressed our and overwhelmed so easily these days, and everything I've read about being a line cook informs me that it's a high pressure job with little room to make mistakes. Granted, every work place is different and every crew is different so I really can't go into this with a lot of expectations. I just have to show up, do what I'm told, and learn as much as I can during my week of training. Yup.


Even though I will probably be working in the afternoon all weekend, my mom still offered to make us dinner on Sunday so we could mosey up that way and pick up the holiday tree she's not assembling this year. I guess she's got some decorations we could maybe use too, so our apt. won't look too bare and un-festive this December. Her tree isn't real large either, so I think we can fit it in our space just this once. I'm pretty grateful for that, since we don't have the money to do any crazy decorating this year. 

Not really the space for it either. (Which reminds me, I should take some updated photos of our studio). 

So that's all that's really been going on lately. Just recovering from illness, anxious about a new job, and feeling ambivalent about the holidays. 


  1. Congrats for the job! Get better soon. I'm sure things will be fine. xxx

  2. Hoping you feel better soon! Congratulations on the job!