Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Today, while I was using the building restroom, a woman and her young son were in the stall next to me. This boy took one look at my shoes under the stall and somehow concluded that another guy was using the restroom ( I was wearing fairly masculine looking shoes today ) and he insisted on waiting until I came out of the stall to make sure I wasn't, in fact, a guy. His mother, a timid Muslim woman, was absolutely mortified. I have never been so amused by work antics.....


I worked my third shift today, at an interpreter services company that provides all kinds of transcription, interpreting, and language assistance for the greater Minnesota region. I was hired one week ago today as an Interpreter Admin Assistant - basically this means I get to assist the administration team in whatever they need, primarily scanning and handling interpreter documents, making sure people stay current on the Minnesota Department of Health interpreter roster, and sending out lots of emails to people...

So far, I really like it. I have my own corner in the office, with a nice desk and computer, I can use the restroom and pop down to the break room to grab coffee or water whenever I like, and all the people I've met so far are really nice. Getting up early and dealing with a 9-5 shift has been kind of hard on me though, I'm used to waking up around noon. Not 7 am. Ouch. 

And I have to take public transit, which is spendy during rush hour - both ways. But I'm managing. Even though I'm sick again and I have this horrible phlegmy cough going. Yuck. 

So far, in my first three days I....
  • Hand addressed over 300 envelopes for Januargy birthday cards for our interpreters
  • Scanned and filed several Medical Terminology tests for 'not contracted' interpreters
  • Stuffed and MAILED those 300+ envelopes
  • Prepared Yearly Planners to get mailed to interpreters outside of the Twin Cities area
  • Learned how to check the roster for active/inactive interpreter statuses
  • Printed and mailed new roster badges for interpreters.
I think tomorrow Amber (my trainer) is going to show me how to start scanning and filing new interpreter documents, so that'll keep me busy because there are stacks upon stacks of folders of stuff waiting to be entered into the system. 

In conclusion - I like my job so far. Quite a bit. The only thing I don't like is the early morning rise and commuting in transit. 


  1. Sounds like a great job! I feel you on the early starts and public transportation though. My boss was super lovely to me and lets me start at 9.30 so I sit on the bus for an hour instead of an hour and a half when rush over is worse.

    I love that your employers send out birthday cards to all the interpreters, that is a good sign that they are nice people to work for!

    1. They are really great! I've been super sick over New Year's and I went in on Monday with a terrible cough - my boss listened to me hack up my lungs for about an hour before suggesting I go home and rest. She was really chill about me staying home and getting well today too. :)