Sunday, November 13, 2016

Bullseye. (o)

Last Wednesday, I had an interview with Target. They've currently got a lot of signs and posts up advertising their seasonal hiring and as I was in the market for a job (I've been looking for a LONG time now) I decided to apply. I got a call a day later to set up an interview for an apparel salesfloor/fitting room position.

My interview went really well, as I expected it would. I may be the most socially anxious introvert that I know, but I always perform really well at interviews. Keyword: Perform. I smile. I sit up straight. I maintain good eye contact. I answer questions honestly and amiably. I make painful small talk with my interviewer. And I almost always get the job....

Keeping the job is usually the hard part for me.

But to be honest - I like Target. I especially like the Target I'm going to be working at. It's in a good location and easy to commute to. It's large - there's a Starbucks AND a liquor store in it. The atmosphere is warm. It's feels very inclusive of lots of different types of people and that's great! I love diversity! I could probably be openly queer there and not get too much hassle for it.

They also pay a bit more than minimum wage, which is more than I can say for most other big box retailers. I'll take $10 an hour to hang up clothes and make sure things look neat and tidy. Why not?

And the "dress code" seems more relaxed too. Yes, it's still the prerequisite red and khaki - but I've seen red blazers over black tops, red plaid, dark red cardigans, beige skirts and capris, full on cargo pants, boots, flats, crazy red heels and all kinds of variations in the employees that I've observed there.

I start with my orientation Tuesday afternoon and from there....I can consider myself employed.

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