Sunday, June 26, 2016

Getting Caught Up.

My last post made an attempt to detail the trip from Minnesota to Washington, and our future plan in Olympia, Wa. Which was looking pretty bleak. About a week after my last post here, I did finally get a call about a job that I had applied for at the local Corn Maze - they had a really weird hiring process that would take weeks to work though and we just didn't have the time. In addition, my partner Tyler was applying for dish-washing and kitchen jobs left and right, with no calls back. We were running out of money and once we were out, we knew we'd be stuck. We'd end up just like the people on the streets - wacked out and sleeping under trees in local parks. No....

We counted what money we still had and since it wasn't enough to get us back to Minnesota Tyler had to sell one of his amps at a guitar shop in downtown Olympia. They only gave him $90 for it. But that shit got us to North Dakota - where we met up with an old friend of Tyler's. Stephen is a good guy, and his girlfriend Tamara was awesome too. They welcomed us into their apartment, gave us a bed to sleep in, and even made us breakfast....that was the most kindness we'd been shown by anyone for an entire month. He was also awesome enough to give us $40 to make it back to Minnesota safely...

As safely as could be allowed. We discovered then that our back signal and brake lights weren't working, so Tyler had to 'hand signal' it all the way back to Minneapolis. And miraculously enough, our music pals in the city welcomed us back in as well...

So we crashed there for a few nights, tried to pitch El Cheapo in the backyard, but it was too hot and humid to sleep there comfortably. I get heat stroke pretty easily (which is why I hate summer) and so I wasn't having a good time of it.

We moved again - this time to Turner's place. We used to visit his apartment a lot when we still lived in Carver County and he was cool with us staying there till the end of his lease since he'd just broken up with his girlfriend.

That's where we currently are. I'm sitting at the kitchen table watching a bunch of people crowded around Turner and another guy playing chess. The AC's off and it's getting a bit warm in here. There's some horrible hip-hop shit playing in the background. But right now we're safe. We're not in Olympia surrounded by drugged up transients. We're not camped out in the back of our truck at a rest area, freezing to death in 40 degree rain. We're in a familiar place, with familiar people - and I never knew I could be so grateful for that.

So what's the current plan?

Find jobs. Which should be easy because a lot of places are hiring around here. Couldn't say the same of Olympia. Tyler's old workplace will probably give him a job there again, they like him well enough and he left on good terms. I have a pretty solid resume that enables me to find office and data entry jobs, so I'm hopeful that I'll start getting calls back tomorrow or Tuesday.

The lease is still up on that apartment in a few days and we gotta clear out too, but it's possible we'll be able to rent a room nearby really cheap. Gotta work out the possibilities and logistics behind that. Things ARE looking up, I can't deny that, despite how stressed out and sick I am.

That's what's up these days....hopefully content of some relevant interest will resume shortly.


  1. Job wise, you might consider trying to apply for a job within a national park, as they usually provide food/housing/transportation... Lots of places are hiring right now. I got hired on at Mt. Rainier and it's a good gig all around. Lots of hours and okay pay. Sending good vibes your way. :)

    1. Wow, I had no idea National Parks offered so many perks. It's a shame there isn't one within 75 miles of where I'm currently staying or I'd strongly consider it.

    2. That sucks! Might be a good idea in the future at least? Hope things start looking up for you.

  2. I wish you both all the best. Jobs and proper housing. Love ~~

    1. Thank you, I really appreciate it.

  3. Good news, hope everything keeps improving!

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