Thursday, June 30, 2016

I went from long to short.

Webcam photo, SeaTac

When we began our trip across the western United States, my hair was shoulder length and I had a set of messed up bangs I was desperately trying to trim up myself. To no real avail, using a hotel bathroom mirror and poor lighting.

So when we reached Olympia and were strolling around the Capital Mall, I spied a MasterCuts salon that was offering cheap haircuts and couldn't resist. I needed something that would be easy to wash and require minimal product. Also on my mind was something that could be freshened up in a bathroom sink, worst case scenario.

Webcam photo, Chaska MN

And so we wind up with the popular summer pixie cut. I've certainly had my hair this short in the past, but never in quite this style. It's pretty easy to care for, all it does is sit on my head and I swoop it one direction or the other. Today I left it combed forward normally, doing it's thing.

For a minute, it was shorter than Tyler's hair. Only for a minute though, I trimmed his up again recently.

I'm actually hoping that soon I'll get my hands on some fun pomade or hair wax and start doing some crazy shit with it again. I had a lot of fun styling my hair last time it was really short and I want that experience once more!

For any of my followers who rock the pixie look, what are you tried and true styling recommendations? 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Getting Caught Up.

My last post made an attempt to detail the trip from Minnesota to Washington, and our future plan in Olympia, Wa. Which was looking pretty bleak. About a week after my last post here, I did finally get a call about a job that I had applied for at the local Corn Maze - they had a really weird hiring process that would take weeks to work though and we just didn't have the time. In addition, my partner Tyler was applying for dish-washing and kitchen jobs left and right, with no calls back. We were running out of money and once we were out, we knew we'd be stuck. We'd end up just like the people on the streets - wacked out and sleeping under trees in local parks. No....

We counted what money we still had and since it wasn't enough to get us back to Minnesota Tyler had to sell one of his amps at a guitar shop in downtown Olympia. They only gave him $90 for it. But that shit got us to North Dakota - where we met up with an old friend of Tyler's. Stephen is a good guy, and his girlfriend Tamara was awesome too. They welcomed us into their apartment, gave us a bed to sleep in, and even made us breakfast....that was the most kindness we'd been shown by anyone for an entire month. He was also awesome enough to give us $40 to make it back to Minnesota safely...

As safely as could be allowed. We discovered then that our back signal and brake lights weren't working, so Tyler had to 'hand signal' it all the way back to Minneapolis. And miraculously enough, our music pals in the city welcomed us back in as well...

So we crashed there for a few nights, tried to pitch El Cheapo in the backyard, but it was too hot and humid to sleep there comfortably. I get heat stroke pretty easily (which is why I hate summer) and so I wasn't having a good time of it.

We moved again - this time to Turner's place. We used to visit his apartment a lot when we still lived in Carver County and he was cool with us staying there till the end of his lease since he'd just broken up with his girlfriend.

That's where we currently are. I'm sitting at the kitchen table watching a bunch of people crowded around Turner and another guy playing chess. The AC's off and it's getting a bit warm in here. There's some horrible hip-hop shit playing in the background. But right now we're safe. We're not in Olympia surrounded by drugged up transients. We're not camped out in the back of our truck at a rest area, freezing to death in 40 degree rain. We're in a familiar place, with familiar people - and I never knew I could be so grateful for that.

So what's the current plan?

Find jobs. Which should be easy because a lot of places are hiring around here. Couldn't say the same of Olympia. Tyler's old workplace will probably give him a job there again, they like him well enough and he left on good terms. I have a pretty solid resume that enables me to find office and data entry jobs, so I'm hopeful that I'll start getting calls back tomorrow or Tuesday.

The lease is still up on that apartment in a few days and we gotta clear out too, but it's possible we'll be able to rent a room nearby really cheap. Gotta work out the possibilities and logistics behind that. Things ARE looking up, I can't deny that, despite how stressed out and sick I am.

That's what's up these days....hopefully content of some relevant interest will resume shortly.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I am SO SO sorry....

My last update was almost a month ago. I'm so very very sorry for that, you people deserve to know what's been up lately, but I can't promise there won't be a lot of complaining and panic going on in here....

We set out on our trip Saturday, May 14th of 2016. The day before we had packed up literally ALL of our earthly possessions and shoved them into the back of the truck. That night we slept at my mom's house and she very generously cooked us a meal and humored my freak-out as we tried to reconfigure the truck for maximum space saving. In the end, to accommodate a lot of Tyler's guitars and books, I ended up leaving nearly ALL my witchy stuff behind, as well as my prettiest Lolita stuff. It just wouldn't fit. Right now, all my clothing fits into one giant trash bag...that's all I have to my name.

We reached the southern edge of Iowa by nightfall and the next morning we ventured into Missouri. We tried to find a decent place to camp and failing that (along with the gloomy rain) we spent our first night in the back of the was damp, it was cold, and it was incredibly unpleasant. The next day we rode into Kansas City to see a friend of Tyler's and we didn't stay very long....that night we stayed in Oklahoma. The day after that was probably one of the nicest we had - there was a sweet little campground just east of Moore, OK and we camped out there for a night. It was hot and a bit muggy, rain was promised in the nightly forecast, but our Walmart issued tent - who we've dubbed El Cheapo - had a rain shield and so we believed everything would be fine. And it was until the heavens broke open. That night we experienced the craziest thunder and lightning - it woke us up around 1 am. The wind was something fierce too and we were scared around that we booked it for the car and rode out the worst of the storm from the safety of the vehicle. There was hail south of us and strong winds north of us, but El Cheapo stood his ground in our camp spot.

The next day was the GHOST concert and while the venue was pretty terrible, they made the best of it and put on a rocking show. We got out of Oklahoma that night and into Texas. Shamrock, to be precise, where we found the cheapest Motel 6 ever. And there was a feral cat colony living inside of it....that's how derelict it was. But that was part of the charm and adventure. The room itself was great....

The next few days were a trip through bat country, so to speak. Most of the Texas panhandle was great. People are really nice up there, even if there isn't much to see. But Colorado....oh gods. We got into Denver on a REALLY cold night and couldn't find a cheap room anywhere. On top of that, Tyler's old coworker who lives there suddenly became incommunicado that evening and we find out later he wasn't even in town...though he knew we were coming....

It was so cold in Denver that we couldn't sleep in the truck. Even under the blankets we could see our breath forming crystals in the air. So....sleep deprived and scared though we were, we trucked it through Veil pass that night and wound up in Western Colorado - where it was lovely and warm. After a short bit of rest, we continued on into Utah and eventually through Nevada. Nevada was crazy.....we expected it to be kind of flat and desert like but there were plenty of mountains and naturally...plenty of mountain storms. We had to drive further than our intended stop to get out of the rain and find a place to sleep that night.

The next morning, we finished our trek through Nevada and crossed into the Lake Tahoe region of California. And I shit you was fucking snowing. I get it - mountain weather and lake effect can create some pretty volatile combinations but this is the end of May and the onset of summer here and it's....snowing. My only pair of pants are dirty and I'm in shorts....ugh.

Lake Tahoe was terrible - we were suffering altitude sickness and the people we were supposed to be staying with (dirty hippy friends of Tyler's that he hadn't seen for years) had a dwelling so dirty and gross that we couldn't in good conscience sleep there. We went back down the mountain a bit and got a room in Gardnerville, NV on the fairly cheap. We stayed in Lake Tahoe the next day so the dirty hippy's band could perform then we had to get OFF the mountain. So we booked it overnight through Donner's pass and into the Sacramento area early morning, where we parked our dead-tired asses at an overcrowded rest area, only to be chased out by highway patrol the next morning - he gave us two minutes to pack up our stuff and get out before he'd write up a citation for $600 that we, obviously, didn't have. Two minutes saw us packed up, in the car, and back on the freeway. Fucker never had a chance.....

That wouldn't be our last run-in with Highway Patrol - we drove all through the day trying to get out of California....San Fran was kind of nice but no place to stop, and it only got weirder from there on out. Tyler was weaving a bit on the road that night, he was too tired to be driving, and another patrol car stopped us. They had Tyler do a field sobriety test (which he failed miserably) but they let us off the hook and told us simply to get some sleep before we continued on. Which was nice of them - we could have gone to jail...

Oregon was probably one of the nicest states we drove through and I almost regret not just stopping there. But no, I had to come all the way to Olympia....for a university that I can't even go to now. You know that $500 that creepy dude was offering me? Yeah, I took it. Good thing, because we ended up needing it just to survive. We ran out of money so fast because gas got progressively more expensive as we went west, we had to spend too much on rooms in cold regions, and then we had a lot of car trouble - the battery connection came loose and fucked us up, then the transmission had some crazy gear-shifting issues, and FINALLY....while we were parked overnight at the Walmart in Tumwater, WA some fucking tweeker got it in his head to slash our back tire.

So to summarize: The trip itself was quite an adventure and it was fun while we had a spot of money to work with. The fun wore out as we ran out money, had to ask for more money, ran into inclement weather everywhere, and then discovered how terrible WA really is right now.

We've been in Olympia for just under two weeks now. We're broke, we've been sleeping at rest areas in our truck and applying for any job we can find during the day. We've had some interviews but no job offers and it's looking really bleak. Tyler and I have been at each other's throats for days because of the terrible heat wave we're currently suffering and the stress of not knowing if we're gonna get jobs, have a place to live this summer, find a decent place to get a free shower that isn't swarming with homeless drug addicts, or even whether we can afford to eat or not....

I'm scared. I'm really afraid I'm gonna die out here. And no one's gonna care or even notice - we're just two broke ass transplant kids living in our vehicle. If we disappear, no one's gonna care. That's what scares me - we have no friends or family we can count on out here.

And we're running out of time.

If anyone wants to donate to our cause and help us survive just one extra day, my paypal email address is Please donate....I don't want to die.