Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Hitting Potholes

How about the good news first, eh?

New banner and new background image for my Storenvy site! Definitely sticking to my shop's theme but a lot brighter, more summery, and definitely more lively for the page - check it out HERE

I've been working on a few more handmade items to toss on there, but hit a snag when I ran out of elastic thread. So I need to find time to nab some more before I can finish that stuff up.

Now for the not-so-good news:

I can't remember if I mentioned it here that I am applying as a transfer student for Evergreen State College in Washington, but I FINALLY got my application completed and went to request a transcript from my old college. Turns out, I still owe them some money so they put a financial hold on my account. This means they either can't (or more likely, won't) release my transcripts to another school until I pay them off in full.

I owe over $900 to my former college. I don't have $900 to pay them. In short, I'm pretty fucked.

The more time it takes to fight them over getting my transcripts, the more likely the window of opportunity on making it in time for Fall Semester will close on me. I'm feeling the heat and starting to think maybe I should just change my application and apply as a non-traditional Freshman instead. Then I can bypass all this crap...

Either way, I'm running out of time and it's really stressful.


  1. You might try calling them up and throwing a hissy fit. My college was a nightmare to work with. I needed a letter from them stating that I was enrolled for my insurance - all I needed was a letterhead and the words, "Charley Daveler is enrolled since Sept. 2008," and they kept saying they couldn't do it, I'd have to wait two days, someone else needed to do it, and when we finally got someone who agreed, she gave us an extension that didn't work and no one knew her name.

    But at the end, pitching a huge fit suddenly made all the red tape go away.

    Speak softly, carry a big stick, and don't let them walk all over you. They pull this shit constantly.

    1. I might definitely harass them a bit, maybe if I do, they'll just give in and let me have the damn transcripts.

  2. I hope it all works out! Maybe changing the application would help. Is there a person at the university you can get advice from?

    1. Yeah, I talked to an admissions counselor at the school I'm applying to and she said that even if I changed my application, because I have previously attended a college, they'd still need that information. It's a real pain.