Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Creepy Offer

As some of you remember, I put up a YouCaring fundraiser recently and started sharing it around, mostly on Facebook and Tumblr. I don't have many people on my FL or many followers, but I'm still optimistic enough people will see it and help me out soon.

I did...surprisingly, get an offer from someone who is considering paying off the whole thing, but I'm extremely wary about accepting that offer. You see, it's coming from a guy that my partner kind of knows - someone who used to date his sister a long time ago and actually helped us out financially a while back. But this guy was kind of weird and seemed to think his charity came with certain conditions. Conditions like priority access to my partner's free time and assistance with guitar playing stuff - things my partner didn't have an ample amount of. He was also under the impression that he was now best friends with my partner, who became very uncomfortable with that notion and actually ended up blocking him on Facebook.

So I was understandably put off when this guy emailed me about my fundraiser site. He mostly wanted an explanation of why he was blocked so suddenly and without warning. I conjured up the tale of my partner falling into another paranoid delusion episode (which wasn't untrue) and how we were having so many problems at the house, that we ended up moving out and into our truck (also, which isn't untrue) - I didn't want to get too personal about what was going on, since it's not even my story to tell, so I kept it vague.

And this guy bought it. He's still offering his money to help me out of my student account hold issue....but I feel really uncomfortable taking it. Still....time's short and this guy might be my best option at the moment...

What should I do, everyone?

On a brighter note, I managed to get some photography done on more items for my store, so I have a lot more nifty things listed.

There's some pretty nifty Gothic, Lolita, and Mori kei inspired items up now, in addition to what's still there. I have a few more sewing projects to finish up (now that I restocked my white and elastic threads) and then those will be listed as well!


  1. I wouldn't do it. I once borrowed money from my PARENTS, and they acted entitled in certain ways, so I share your concern about a stranger. Especially one who already acted weird enough to get blocked.

    1. Entitled or not, I'd be halfway across the country. Not much he could really try to guilt me into, especially if I cut off contact afterwards.

  2. I would be very reluctant to tie myself to someone I was uncomfortable with in this way- because $900 is a lot of money, so paying it back would be a drawn out process, putting pressure on you to continue social contact until the repayments were complete.

    On the other hand your new, more nomadic lifestyle will put limits on how much face to face time you and your partner can spend with him, perhaps strong enough limits to make the level of interaction more tolerable to you both?

    I would like to tell you I wouldn't take it,but I have never been in a financial situation with short time constraints like this. It's a really tough call. If you do accept the money though, I would recommend drawing up an agreement about how and when the money will be returned and sticking to it, because otherwise he'll hold it over your heads forever.

    1. Well see, he's offering it freely without the need to pay it back. That's why I'm so tempted.