Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Creepy Offer

As some of you remember, I put up a YouCaring fundraiser recently and started sharing it around, mostly on Facebook and Tumblr. I don't have many people on my FL or many followers, but I'm still optimistic enough people will see it and help me out soon.

I did...surprisingly, get an offer from someone who is considering paying off the whole thing, but I'm extremely wary about accepting that offer. You see, it's coming from a guy that my partner kind of knows - someone who used to date his sister a long time ago and actually helped us out financially a while back. But this guy was kind of weird and seemed to think his charity came with certain conditions. Conditions like priority access to my partner's free time and assistance with guitar playing stuff - things my partner didn't have an ample amount of. He was also under the impression that he was now best friends with my partner, who became very uncomfortable with that notion and actually ended up blocking him on Facebook.

So I was understandably put off when this guy emailed me about my fundraiser site. He mostly wanted an explanation of why he was blocked so suddenly and without warning. I conjured up the tale of my partner falling into another paranoid delusion episode (which wasn't untrue) and how we were having so many problems at the house, that we ended up moving out and into our truck (also, which isn't untrue) - I didn't want to get too personal about what was going on, since it's not even my story to tell, so I kept it vague.

And this guy bought it. He's still offering his money to help me out of my student account hold issue....but I feel really uncomfortable taking it. Still....time's short and this guy might be my best option at the moment...

What should I do, everyone?

On a brighter note, I managed to get some photography done on more items for my store, so I have a lot more nifty things listed.

There's some pretty nifty Gothic, Lolita, and Mori kei inspired items up now, in addition to what's still there. I have a few more sewing projects to finish up (now that I restocked my white and elastic threads) and then those will be listed as well!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Shall I call this a flat tire or...?

I've been in correspondence with the school I'm trying to apply at, and according to them, even if I applied as a Freshman student, they would still require my transcripts from my previous college. State regulations and all that, their hands are kind of tied and I understand that. But it puts me in a real bind, because even though I'm reaching out to my former university and trying to get more information from them about the money I owe, they're not responding. So I'm stressed. So I'm anxious. And I've been crying a bit....because it feels really hopeless.

Someone suggested crowdfunding to me, and while I have a GoFundMe page, I have recently come to find out that not only do they take a ridiculous percentage off each donation they're also quite racist and I've ceased using them and actually made a YouCaring fundraiser centered specifically around my college dilemma.

So there's the link to it, feel free to pass it around. Even though I'm pretty desperate, begging still feels really awful....and I'm not optimistic things will work out in time. Ugh. >_<

Since the weather was finally cooperative today, we managed to get some work done on our mobile dwelling. It rained so much last week that we were given a grace period in order to get our stuff moved out and on our way. So here's where we're at now:

Last week, all the current members of the household banded together to get a sleeping platform assembled. The actual platform part already existed but we purchased the cedar 4x4 and had it cut into 15" pieces for legs. So now we have a bed AND storage space underneath.

Today, we started packing some of our boxes (full of things like books and music) underneath. We have an old piece of carpet on the truck bed floor for warm and to keep things from sliding around too much.

The platform itself is almost level with the joint where the pickup bed meets the camper shell, which gives us just enough space to wiggle in on top of the thing, but plenty of room to lay down and sleep. We'll just have to make sure we don't try to sit up fully in the mornings.

Here's my partner, Tyler, trying to figure out how he's going to fit his keyboards in there....

He had to crawl all the way underneath and place his musical instruments up against the cab, but he managed to fit everything in there snugly enough. Tomorrow we'll get back on it fitting in more boxes and figuring the stuff out. Wish us luck on that front!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Hitting Potholes

How about the good news first, eh?

New banner and new background image for my Storenvy site! Definitely sticking to my shop's theme but a lot brighter, more summery, and definitely more lively for the page - check it out HERE

I've been working on a few more handmade items to toss on there, but hit a snag when I ran out of elastic thread. So I need to find time to nab some more before I can finish that stuff up.

Now for the not-so-good news:

I can't remember if I mentioned it here that I am applying as a transfer student for Evergreen State College in Washington, but I FINALLY got my application completed and went to request a transcript from my old college. Turns out, I still owe them some money so they put a financial hold on my account. This means they either can't (or more likely, won't) release my transcripts to another school until I pay them off in full.

I owe over $900 to my former college. I don't have $900 to pay them. In short, I'm pretty fucked.

The more time it takes to fight them over getting my transcripts, the more likely the window of opportunity on making it in time for Fall Semester will close on me. I'm feeling the heat and starting to think maybe I should just change my application and apply as a non-traditional Freshman instead. Then I can bypass all this crap...

Either way, I'm running out of time and it's really stressful.