Thursday, April 28, 2016

The end of luxury is nigh....

By the end of this weekend, I will officially be a nomad, living in a mobile dwelling consisting of a mid-size pickup truck with a camper shell.

This is the outside of our setup. And to be honest, we haven't gotten very far on it. The camper shell is at least bolted onto the pickup bed, but it's still full of holes so it's nowhere near water-tight and since it's been raining almost non-stop we've hardly been able to work on the damn thing. We also need to get our sleeping platform built....we have a twin mattress to set on top of it, but the damn thing is too long and needs to be trimmed shorter. Plus we need to put legs on it so we can store our stuff underneath.

Unfortunately, we have little in the way of raw materials and easy access to power tools, so it's been rough. And the clock is ticking - we have to have our shit built, our stuff packed, and be out of our current home at the end of THIS weekend.

There's not much any of you can do to help with that, but well-wishing is always appreciated. What you CAN do however, is visit my Storenvy and purchase something or pass the link around to other people who might be interested in the sorts of things I'm currently selling. I have two GIANT boxes full of clothing that's up for sale and I don't know how much of it I can comfortably fit in the back of the truck once we get all our essentials and living equipment in it. So I'd love to start moving my product as quickly as possible. Not only does this clear up more space in our living compartment, it also frees me up to seek out different items to sell - I'm hoping to be able to incorporate more sizes and styles as I expand my inventory. 

I'm also thinking of doing giveaways for some of the items, in exchange very simply, for reviews and word-of-mouth. Would anyone be interested in that?


  1. I am really hoping that everything works out for you! I don't really have much spending money and I don't think most of the clothes would fit me but I am sharing the posts on facebook!

    1. I understand, money's tight for a lot of people right now.

  2. GOOD LUCK. Will be thinking of you loads. Like Laura I'm short on spending money (just been made redundant!) but will pass the links around.