Sunday, April 24, 2016

Some More New Items!

First up, a ton of new items added to my storenvy and quite a few more to come, so please stay tuned for that. I took the liberty of modeling some of these items so they can be seen worn instead of on just a hanger. I really hope that helps sales and views on my shop - I need all the money I can get at this point, we're running low and we'll be homeless at the end of this week. That's right...this week.

For those who like the darker and edgier styles - I've got some great items that would work well in a Goth, Punk, or even Strega/Dark Mori wardrobe. Check 'em out!

Plenty of lighter and airier pieces for the Mori Kei, Natural Kei, and Umi Kei enthusiasts. Perfect for a stroll through the forest or a walk along the beach - a lot of these items are light in color and made of soft and breathable fabrics, which is always good for the summer months.

Some of the original garments are still for sale, these have been up since I opened my store and are longing for a good home and someone to appreciate them. Please have a look and see if anything strikes your fancy!

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