Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bedroom Update!

Hey, everyone. Remember when my walls were this really cool purple color with black trim? Yeah...that's gone now.

I decided after I moved home from my uncle's place that I needed to revamp my bedroom somehow. The purple color had been hanging around for a long time and kind of reminded me of an era and version of myself I needed to move past, so naturally it was time for a new wall color. A week ago, I dug out a can of primer and set to covering up the purple. It was a tedious process and dark shades don't like to be covered easily.

My walls are now an antique white color. I know, I know...white? But! It's a neutral color scheme to work with now. I no longer feel confined to something that blends with purple. I can do anything I want with my bedroom's overall theme and style with white walls. Plus, all the more incentive to put up some cool wall decor!

I definitely have a few pieces I need to hang up yet and I will take more photos when that happens. I'm just really glad I finally got my walls sorted out.


  1. Well if you are going to hang pics etc, white is a good colour! Great work!

  2. I love purple more than any sane person should, but it can be a difficult color to decorate with. A coat of paint in a new color is a good way to make a fresh start. :)

  3. Oh heyy your pictures look epic!! Love what you're doing with your room!! :)

  4. Neutral colours are always really good for displaying artwork :) I'm actuallly about to do the complete opposite and paint my next room purple over a neutral colour! But it won't be my bedroom, it will be my craft room, and my "haven"/chill-space. My partner and I will obviously have a shared bedroom, and he likes things a lot more sleek, modern and monochrome, so our bedroom will be ivory and black, with a contrast feature pannel of black damask wallpaper.

  5. 3 of the 4 rooms around me right now are white, too so i can only say congrats to this color choice, it always feels fresh and will not hurt any decoration!