Thursday, June 18, 2015

According to the Code...

Walmart has changed its dress code quite a bit over the past few years, but one thing that I am glad about is the return of the vest. This allows you to wear a shirt or blouse of your own choosing and not a standard issue navy blue polo. I hate polo shirts with a passion...

You also have the option of black or tan pants/skirt (no jeans though) and as long as the shoes are closed-toe and not sandals anything really goes.

So after work today, I shucked my eyelet white blouse and tan linen pants for a quick trip to the thrift store. And here's how you add a bit of personal flair to an otherwise standard issue uniform:


Is it white (or navy blue?) Does it have sleeves and a collar? Good, it's Walmart approved! I wouldn't recommend swishy bell sleeves for stocking positions or working around food though...


I'm not going to wax poetic about the "urban" appeal of baggy khakis because a good pair of black slacks is obviously superior in a work setting. Avoid denim, anything with rips, tears, or crazy straps. But a cool pair of wide leg dress pants or a slim fitting pair embellished with zippers is perfectly acceptable.

As for skirts, length is probably the most important here. Wear something long enough to be considered work appropriate but not so long it's gonna get hung up on stuff or trip you. You don't want your work wardrobe to be a hazard to your safety.

I like the universal appeal of fit-n-flare skirts, but you can't go wrong with a nice pencil skirt either.


Here's where you can break out the more "colorful" aspects of your personality. As long as the shoe is closed toe and closed heel, doesn't resemble a pair of slippers or stripper heels, give it a go. A cute and colorful pair of flats is a nice way to set off an otherwise monotone look. I would advise you to avoid any boots with a significant heel as you might not find that comfortable to wander up and down aisles in, but a biker boot style with studs is perfectly kosher to me!

In Summary:

Follow the dress code to the best of your ability, but don't forget to let a little bit of you shine through it. Job or not, feeling like yourself will always help you perform to the best of your ability and feel confident being who you are.

all photos nabbed via Google Images. Credits go to respective sites and sources.


  1. Well, that dresscode is not too bad at all!

  2. Once I actually enter the bakery area, I'm sure I'm gonna be hampered down by a hair net and gloves and such, but in the meantime!!!

  3. I love these ideas and outfits, so inspired now, just trying to express yourself despite a uniform or dress code must make so much difference to how you feel!!

  4. It definitely does, especially when you work in a retail industry with LOTS of employees. You start to feel like a number and that's no good for morale.

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