Monday, May 4, 2015

A summer-styled update!

A few weeks ago, our inflatable hot tub arrived on the front step. A few days prior though, we declared a space on the deck for it and set to work laying down some outdoor carpeting and creating a pad to lay it on.

The box wasn't as heavy as I thought it was gonna be. I had to push it out of the way as the delivery guy dropped it literally right in front of the door.

It inflated pretty quickly, but filling it with the garden hose and then heating it took the better part of two days. And of course, you have to keep the pH and chlorine levels at optimum numbers. We've used it a few times though and it's pretty nice.

Last weekend was garden weekend. On Saturday, we got some 'worm poop' from the local compost site and gave some of it to my mom back home. While there, she had dug up some of her bushier plants (hostas, lilies, irises, etc) and gave them to my uncle in exchange.

So we used a little bit of that dirt to plant the irises and such about the house and the rest went into the garden that we erected with some 8-foot long wooden beams. Then it was a trip to the nursery to find veggie plants - we've now got lots of tomatoes, peppers, carrots, lettuce, onions, and all kinds of herbs growing in our dirt plot.

I planted two small strawberry plants in my teacup planter and my uncle was kooky enough to put a small clump of hostas in a friggin planter on the deck. We'll see how it does....

To top it all off, I made us some 'hippy juice' today - a concoction of coconut rum, watermelon vodka, triple sec, and lemonade mix. Pretty tasty. :)

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