Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Intuitive Tag

Snagged this from The Midnight Ballroom, who found it via another excellent blog and figured I would give it my two cents. :)

1) Tell us about your first paranormal experience~

I think the first one that I can clearly remember as being distinctly paranormal was time spent in my grandparent's home as a small child. My grandmother had a collection of old dolls, which hung out in the bedroom that we often shared whenever I slept over, and sometimes when I would wake up, they'd be sitting differently or moved from where they were when I went to sleep. My grandmother swore up and down she hadn't touched them. I don't think the dolls themselves were haunted, I suspect something in that house would just messing with them at night.

2) Have you ever had a premonition?

I've had dreams about specific incidents that came to pass, but usually it's just a strong feeling just before something happens - like I know a certain song is about to come on the radio or I just know my mom is gonna call me in five minutes.

3) When did you get your first Oracle or Tarot deck?

I found The Faery Oracle deck about two years ago now. It just seemed right, all the artwork was done by Brian Froud - who had a heavy hand in designing many of the characters and set work for both Labyrinth and Dark Crystal, and seems to have a connection to the realm of the Fae. There are some aspects of his faery paintings that are gritty or sinister and I find that touch of balance in representations of the faery folk to be especially powerful.

4) What element do you most connect with?

I'm definitely an air child, being a Libra and all. My fascination with storms and tornadoes in particular clearly stem from this connection. But I've been really drawn to the symbolism and metaphor of fire in the last few months, mostly for it's transformative properties. I kind of feel like all the upheaval in my world lately is indicative some phoenix rising phenomenon.

5) Do you believe in faeries?

Absolutely. The realm of Fae is a complicated one, full of layers and mystery. You've got more "mundane" faeries, those that you can see and experience in the various forms of plant-life or taking on the guise of animals, those who whisper silly things in your ear on the wind, and the higher beings that are more ethereal than corporeal. And let's not even get started on the pranksters and the more malevolent spooks.

6) The Moon or the Sun: which do you prefer?

The Moon, hands down. I understand the necessity of the sun for life on earth and how it can warm a room. I love watching my darling black cat stretch out on my bed as the soft rays play up the reddish undertones of her fur, but it's not for me. I much prefer the night and silver hued Moon. I sometimes think I have very strong vampiric tendencies.

7) What is your favorite crystal or stone?

I would say Opal, as it's my birthstone and there are SO MANY different varieties of them. No two opals will ever look the same.

8) Can you see spirits or spirit beings?

Sometimes I can. I go through periods (and depending on the time of the year) where I can see all kinds of strange things - ghost cats, full-bodied apparitions, shadow people, to periods where I experience nothing at all, not even voices or creepy feelings.

9) Would you rather fly on a broomstick, control fire, breathe underwater, or make things go faster?

I can think of many practical uses for being able to control fire (California would thank me for saving them) or breathing underwater (cut down on scuba gear costs) but flying on a broom is infinitely more whimsical and fun, so I'd go with that one.

10) What's an animal you connect to?

While I have a deep fondness for a variety of critters, I seem to have a special connection to crows.

11) Tell us about your first spirit guide

First and most lingering. I don't know his name and I only have vague impressions of an appearance, but this entity has been with me most of my life and every time I'm feeling really low or particularly lonely, I can almost feel the heavy weight of arms over my shoulders. He's been a comforting presence and more often than not, encouraging of my writing. I don't know if calling him a "guide" is accurate, but he's what I've got. :)

12) Do you connect more with the stars or the Earth?

The stars are beautiful and we are definitely all interconnected in this great cosmos, but right now I'm pretty grounded in the earth. I think this lifetime of mine is about finding balance and staying present in the moment, which requires a fair amount of grounding.

13) Your preferred method of blessing or cleansing?

Incense smoke, typically. I just let it do it's thing, with some mental intent of course. I'm not one for fancy ritual or chanting.

14) What color do you feel most spiritually connected to?

It seems to change with the seasons and my state of mind, but black is a constant. Black is darkness, and mystery. Black is the void. But black is also potential, black holds all colors and all answers. You just have to be brave enough to dip into the void and see what you'll find.

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