Saturday, March 21, 2015

I Rose Up At The Dawn of Day - william blake

Today was moving day, the finale. Since the bed frame and dresser were ready and waiting, it was simply time for me to pack up the rest of my belongings and finally make the last, long-awaited haul. So now I'm blogging this from my new bedroom, in my new residence, in a new town, and lemme tell ya - I'm kind of freaking out a bit. I don't like transition.

But I have pictures!
The Room Before...

I didn't even realize how much stuff I actually had until it came time to box it up and move it away. I think I donated about 50% of my clothing and even some books. Plenty of old knickknacks and such went to the garbage and I STILL had more stuff.

My kitten claimed the upright mattress as her domain, a lofty perch with which to look upon her kingdom. Temporarily...

And look at all that empty space!


The Room of Now~

My uncle still has some industrial shelving and a tool chest hanging out in this room, but I don't need all that much space anyhow. It took me a few hours to unpack, figure out which drawers to place certain clothing items into, where to position my television stand, etc...

But I'm done!

It's cold as balls in here because the temps in MN dipped back down into the mid-30's for the next few days (they're predicting snow again, uh...) and the furnace rarely comes on. So I've got some candles burning, which will also make the room smell a little cozier.

Anyways, this will be my base of operations until at least December - because after that I plan to hightail it out west and set up camp in Seattle. In the meantime, I need to locate myself a job and start filing away funds for my Escape Route Money Jar. ^_^

Wish me luck!~


  1. Congratulations! The new set up is cute, I wish you much luck in the job search. Definitely aim for December, Seattle sounds way better than MN! :P

    1. Definitely! I looked around for job opportunities today so I'm being super productive and it feels great!

  2. I love the decoration of your old bedroom, those purple walls and curtains around the hanging space. The kitten is adorable, was she allowed to make the move with you? I hope you can find a good job there! How do you open that chest of drawers inside the cupboard?

    1. Yeah, the purple walls looked awesome when I first painted them like that years ago, but normal wear-n-tear, you know...

      The kitten was not able to come with me, she'll be staying behind with my mom. Totally fine, her grandma loves to spoil her anyways.

      And the drawer situation is a tricky one, inside the closet I can open the drawers about halfway which is just enough to reach in and grab stuff. Works for now, until I get more space.

  3. good luck for your new start! guess thats a common thing to notice all the things one has when moving :-) new place looks nice, too!

    1. Thanks, yeah you never know what you have until you pull it all out of it's nooks and crannies. :)