Sunday, March 15, 2015

I Choose The Mountain - howard simon

I had a rather productive day and I feel really good about what I've accomplished, so let me relate it all to you here, in this semi-personal space of mine.

Last night around 8 pm, my uncle showed up to help me start hauling some of my stuff up to his place, because I'm moving into his spare bedroom for the next year in order to find better work opportunities, save money, and eventually haul ass to the west coast. That was a long sentence, moving on....we loaded up my stuff, stopped at Walmart on the way to buy a dresser, and spent the better part of the night assembling the damn thing.

Pro tip: drunk carpentry is the best kind of carpentry.

This morning, we drove to Wisconsin (it was about an hour from my uncle's place) to go pick up a bed frame he found on Craigslist. The guy selling it had dropped the price down an extra $20, so who could resist. We took the trailer on the back of the truck and OFF we went.

The frame actually fit perfectly on the trailer.

Unfortunately, we had to disassemble the entire thing in order to fit it down the hallway and into the bedroom. But now I have a bed frame, a dresser, and a few articles of clothing stowed away in my new room - I'm one step closer to actually becoming a resident of that location. It feels good...I need to get out of my hometown.

Next weekend, I'm gonna bring one of my mattresses, more clothes, and my bike to his place. Then the job hunt will really begin. Wish me luck!

For now, I'm going to bed. It's late. :)

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