Sunday, February 1, 2015

Wanting to Know - A Poem

Do you really want to know?
About all the bad things,
that I've survived,
How it broke me, bruised me,
Changed me.
Do you really want to know?
Do you want your perception
of what and who I am changed,
irreversibly altered,
to feel as though you must
dance on eggshells 
Do you really want to know?
Or would you rather... 
carry on and pretend
that I'm fine, that
your thoughtless jokes don't
make me want to visibly 
recoil, flinch, scream.
Would you rather not know?
Not have to deal with
that burden,
face that reality,
handle that responsibility?
I'd understand completely,
I don't either.
I live this life, this past
every. single. day.
You don't have to.
So do you really want to know?

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