Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ladies First, part un

So I came across this massive Tumblr list featuring female fronted (mostly) Goth bands, and I wanted to go through the list and share with you some of the more interesting ones - some of them are old, obscure, and VERY hard to find and others are modern and active on social media. Let's go:

45 Grave - Based out of LA and formed in 1979, 45 Grave are more horrorpunk than Goth and Riboflavin sounds like it belongs right up there with the Monster Mash. See for yourself!

Alice Moving Under Skies - a Leeds based electrogoth duo. The vocalist has a very soothing voice, I think.

All My Faith Lost - a sophisticated and ethereal Goth rock band from Italy. Haunting and lovely stuff.

All About Eve - based on a film from 1950 of the same title, All About Eve formed in 1984 as a pop/punk group with a dark flavor.

Ana Curra - a post-punk, new wave beauty from Spain, I believe.

Stay tuned (har har) for Part deux!

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