Monday, February 2, 2015

I used to doubt the magic....

I've been a theoretical witch for almost a decade now, if not longer. I say theoretical, because I spent more time studying the theories and ideas behind magic and how it works than actually practicing it. Of course, I've cast a spell here and there, celebrated a couple of sabbats, and perhaps employed a curse or two back in the day - but I was always more of a book witch than a practicing witch.

I've recently discovered an affinity for sigil and symbol magic though. I read up on a good number of ideas behind how they work and pretty much outright rejected the notion that for sigils to be effective they must be charged and then "forgotten" - a symbol has power because of constant association after all.

So I practiced with an opposite technique. I created a few sigils, burned them up on paper to "charge" them and then when I needed a boost of that energy, meditated on them and focused my intent.

Recently I did some sigil work for Tyler, with his permission. He was desiring work at a specific location and feared that he might have blown both of his interviews. So I crafted two different sigils, with the specific goal and intent that this establishment hire him. I charged both symbols and laid them out on my altar. This was done in conjunction with a money spell and simply bargaining with the powers that be if he gets this job I will work twice as hard at mine in payment.

He told me today that he starts this Saturday.

Was this all on me? Of course not - the guy put in the time and effort to apply, call, and attend two interviews. Maybe he was just being paranoid believing that he blew it, maybe not. And maybe my small act of intervention helped to tip the scales in his favor.

Either way, I'm not doubting the magic anymore.


  1. Sounds wonderful! I am trying to learn more about magic but I have not found an affinity for anything yet.

    1. I'm discovering that it takes a fair amount of experimentation. Kind of scary, but fun at the same time. :)