Saturday, February 28, 2015

Beautiful Sounds Assignment Spin-Off

I made it a point early in life to not date musicians. I tried it once, directly out of high school, and when it became apparent that band practice would ALWAYS be more important than anything I had going on, I left that behind. As far as I was concerned, a musician married his tunes, why waste time on dating?

Thing is, I'm not very great at taking my own advice. 

You see, I recently started "seeing" someone who is, in fact, a musician. In addition, I've also elected myself as #1 fan - which means I'm in charge of promoting this guy's stuff and recruiting others for the fan club. More or less. And while I may not be too hip on sharing the guy himself, I AM more than happy to share his music around and grow the fan-base. 

So there it is, you can peruse at your leisure. He's primarily a guitarist but dabbles with other instruments and collaborates with other artists. 

These are two of my favorites from his page. The first being a collab with another local artist - he was requested to come in with his bass guitar and some background stuff. Simple but powerful.

And the second is obviously a cover of Just Like Heaven from The Cure. Why did he do a cover of said song, you ask? Because The Cure is pretty much my favorite Goth band ever and he's a cool dude, that's why.


When I first came across this assignment my impulse was to share some classical pieces that I thought were especially lovely or maybe a favorite song or two that got me through a rough patch in life, but that just didn't feel right. And maybe I am extremely biased here because I really like this fellow, but I do think his music is something beautiful. Because its a piece of himself that he's putting out into the world for others to enjoy or experience. And that's a pretty awesome thing.

From one artist to another, it speaks to me.

(Also, it's his birthday today. )


  1. I don't know if you saw my homework yet, but Just Like Heaven is my favourite song!

    Aw, your guy sounds great! Happy birthday to him!