Saturday, February 28, 2015

Beautiful Sounds Assignment Spin-Off

I made it a point early in life to not date musicians. I tried it once, directly out of high school, and when it became apparent that band practice would ALWAYS be more important than anything I had going on, I left that behind. As far as I was concerned, a musician married his tunes, why waste time on dating?

Thing is, I'm not very great at taking my own advice. 

You see, I recently started "seeing" someone who is, in fact, a musician. In addition, I've also elected myself as #1 fan - which means I'm in charge of promoting this guy's stuff and recruiting others for the fan club. More or less. And while I may not be too hip on sharing the guy himself, I AM more than happy to share his music around and grow the fan-base. 

So there it is, you can peruse at your leisure. He's primarily a guitarist but dabbles with other instruments and collaborates with other artists. 

These are two of my favorites from his page. The first being a collab with another local artist - he was requested to come in with his bass guitar and some background stuff. Simple but powerful.

And the second is obviously a cover of Just Like Heaven from The Cure. Why did he do a cover of said song, you ask? Because The Cure is pretty much my favorite Goth band ever and he's a cool dude, that's why.


When I first came across this assignment my impulse was to share some classical pieces that I thought were especially lovely or maybe a favorite song or two that got me through a rough patch in life, but that just didn't feel right. And maybe I am extremely biased here because I really like this fellow, but I do think his music is something beautiful. Because its a piece of himself that he's putting out into the world for others to enjoy or experience. And that's a pretty awesome thing.

From one artist to another, it speaks to me.

(Also, it's his birthday today. )

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Beautiful Sounds Assignment

This was a challenge, to find something that I appreciated as a sensory piece free from other influence or bias. But I did come up with something....

Digital Dagger's Still Here:

Let's disregard the lyrics for a moment, (which ARE hauntingly beautiful) and focus instead on what we hear. A chilling ghost like vocality, somber piano, twinkling keys, a building crescendo, steady drums...

It's melancholy and nostalgic at the same time, a melody that appeals to me deeply. It's like a sad tale of lost love...

 Takato Yamamoto
 Agnes Cecile

There's such a strong sense of surrealism in all of Digital Dagger's music but I think this piece captures it the best.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Every door slams; I take a sledgehammer to the window.

So I didn't get the freelance writing job I applied for.

And I was legitimately upset about that for like, a half hour. But then I did what (I believe) a well-adjusted human adult does - I moved on and applied for something else. This time I'm looking at copy writing - a lot of those silly websites that have sets of creepy photos or celebrity hairstyles are always looking for people to write witty headlines and captions. So I figured, why not.

I guess we'll see.

And if that doesn't work out, I'll just keep looking.

In the meantime though, this really motivates me to get my fucking book finished up so I can start hunting for literary agents and get published. If I could just survive as a published author and write for the rest of my life, I'd be pretty happy.

No more stupid and draining day jobs. I'm so done with that.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hard-Boiled Wonderland

~Murakami Haruki

So I seem to go up and down a lot, emotionally. I'm starting to wonder if maybe bipolar seems like a more apt diagnosis for me. Meh.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ladies First, part four

Castration Squad is our first pick of the night, sounds kind of hardcore and feminist. Let's go!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Death and the Maiden

So things have not been going well for me lately and I sort of need a place to vent about it all since I've been kind of keeping it under wraps from everyone else, in particular the friends who seem most concerned about me.

But it's not going well.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ladies First, part deux

Continuing on with my list of female fronted bands, let's get started with part 2:

Antiworld - cool for what they do, but not really my cup of tea. More horropunk, deathrock goodness.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Short Story Time: Worth

He was too good for her, she was sure of it.

Propped up next to her on the couch, she could feel the heat of his body against her side and though his eyes were fixed pointedly on the television in front of them, she wanted to believe he was as aware of her as she was of him.

Of course, it was probably all in her mind. Her sleep addled and over-imaginative mind. Conjuring up this strange sense of awareness, coupled with the always abrupt realization of just how awesome this person next to her was.

And she was not worthy.

What an odd thought to have while doing something as casual and domestic as watching a television series together. But he’d driven all the way out to see her, just to watch a series. And he did so much more than that without even realizing it. When she was down he did his best to cheer her up, when she felt anxious or depressed he commiserated, and he didn’t seem to mind at all how awkward or quiet she was. On top of that, he was the most supportive person in the world when it came to her aspirations as a writer.

And what did she do for him in return? Not enough. She wanted to be better, wanted to deserve him. But then she’d relapse and lose everything she’d worked for. It was really pathetic how easily whatever meager amount of self-esteem she gained could be ripped away. She was appalled at how many “bad” days she still had, days when she could barely get out of bed and even crying required too much energy.

No one should have to deal with that.

But he was still sitting there, on her couch, casually reaching over to rest his arm on her shoulders. His body heat still seeped into her, warming her straight to the bone. She felt his glance, searing the way it landed on her. Inhaled the scent that was uniquely his, and knew he was too good for her.

That didn’t stop her from wanting to try.

Here we go again, based upon a real happenstance. Have you noticed my tendency to start out writing something kind of depressing and realistic, that desperately wants to pull for a "happy" ending?


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ladies First, part un

So I came across this massive Tumblr list featuring female fronted (mostly) Goth bands, and I wanted to go through the list and share with you some of the more interesting ones - some of them are old, obscure, and VERY hard to find and others are modern and active on social media. Let's go:

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Wanting to Know - A Poem

Do you really want to know?
About all the bad things,
that I've survived,
How it broke me, bruised me,
Changed me.
Do you really want to know?
Do you want your perception
of what and who I am changed,
irreversibly altered,
to feel as though you must
dance on eggshells 
Do you really want to know?
Or would you rather... 
carry on and pretend
that I'm fine, that
your thoughtless jokes don't
make me want to visibly 
recoil, flinch, scream.
Would you rather not know?
Not have to deal with
that burden,
face that reality,
handle that responsibility?
I'd understand completely,
I don't either.
I live this life, this past
every. single. day.
You don't have to.
So do you really want to know?