Friday, January 23, 2015

How I Survive an Apocalypse.

I have had a rough couple of days, and through no fault other than my own. You see, I have this horrible habit of playing therapist to literally everyone I know and often I end up bottling up my own feelings and issues until they sort of ....simmer over. 

Last night I had one of my rage quit/personal apocalypses. So how do I survive such an event? Well, let's break it down:

Step One: Cut off all contact with other human beings, particularly those that are stressing you out.
Step Two: Booze must be involved. Vodka is my choice, mix it how you like.
Step Three: Plan yourself a movie marathon. Aim for a film that's either going to make you laugh hysterically and allow you to vicariously blow shit up. So for me, last night was a Die Hard night.
Step Four: Do everything in your power to refrain from snapping at your family and taking it out on them. My tactic is biting myself. Hard enough to leave teeth marks. Please find your own method, I don't suggest mine. ^_^

Move setup, Pinterest opened up laptop, future films selected, and drink already mixed.

This is what I mean. Don't do this - it's just something that works for me. A sort of self-harm that fades away and leaves no scars.

I'm fine today, for those of you that might be concerned. A rage quit night can really help you blow off steam. Always remember to take some time to yourself when things get hard.


  1. I can't drink, but I often try to find some movie, series or book to lose myself in when I am feeling low. The biting could work well if you feel the need for pain, better than some other things.

    1. Definitely. And at least bite marks go away after a while.

  2. I drink too. Sometimes I need a good cry so I would watch a sad movie to get it out.

    1. Yeah, that works too. I seem to channel anger better than sadness though, but next time I feel like bawling my eyes out maybe I'll justify it with a really tragic movie. :)