Monday, January 5, 2015

Help! What do I wear?!

So I've got an upcoming coffee meet/date thing (possibly!) this week and Eva had the good sense to grill me on my outfit planning. Seeing as I haven't been on an actual "date" in probably a decade (no, nothing with my ex-boyfriends ever counted as a friggin' date) I need some input from you guys.

I put together two outfits that I actually really like and feel super comfortable in. Give me your votes - which one is best! I'll put the poll up on my blog and I want you to vote there. The winning outfit will be worn on said coffee date. :)

Hair and makeup are something I haven't bothered thinking about yet, so please just judge the outfits themselves. Any other concrit or advice can be left in the comment section. ^_^


  1. I like number one but you do look pretty in both photos!

  2. I like number one, it's elegant but also modern. I will vote too. You look great and your hair is sitting pretty much perfect!

  3. I love number one. You look beautiful PLUS your face and body language look more like "I'm amazing and you should think so!"