Monday, January 26, 2015

Basement Tunes and Cuddling

I had an...interesting weekend.

On Saturday, I had my third "date" with Tyler - yes my musician dude from OKCupid has a legit name. Now you know. Well I'm not sure if it was a date or some kind of wonky initiation into his little tribe of freak musician friends - you see he was hosting a couple of local bands in his basement. Sort of an intimate little gig, no more than ten people.

He picked me up around 2 pm. There was a small part of me that was surprised he even showed up at all. A few days before this event, a small freak-out was had and he speculated he might not have enough money to make the drive. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, really, but I'm also extremely accustomed to be abandoned. So I really had no clue. But he showed! And that was great!

We planned to walk around his hometown area and get a feel for that, but some of these friends of his made it sound like they'd be making their way to his place earlier than anticipated - so we pretty much just went straight there.

His dad was super cool. I mean that though - over the course of the night, we talked a bit about muscle cars, mechanic work, the job market, etc. Instant comfort. So we sat up in the living room with him for a while and watched some 80's films whilst waiting for Tyler's tribe to show up.

And that's when the first round of cuddling commenced. He scouted a bit closer to me on the couch (Is this okay? - Yes.) then it was his arm around me. He even kissed me on the cheek. ALL in front of his father. Who, might I add, seemed quite okay with all this stuff.

I guess that's just strange to me, because my last boyfriend wouldn't even barely look at me when we were at his parent's place. He'd certainly never hold my hand or put his arm around me. PDA - this is new territory.

Moving on, the friends start arriving, hauling in gear of their own. Moment of truth here - am I comfortable enough to venture down to the basement and be social or just sit up on the couch and chill with Dad?

Well Dad's cool and the peers are intimidating. So I maintained my claim on the sofa for a while longer. Tyler was super understanding about my absolute sheer terror at this whole thing and didn't force me to do much of anything I wasn't comfortable with. I did eventually make my way downstairs, staking out a nice section of the stairs. He sat with me, like the whole time. What? I mean, just what?

You gotta understand how I usually operate at social gatherings. I find myself a spot close to wall somewhere but with viable escape routes. Then I stay there and observe the proceedings. Typically, people leave me be. Even past significant others would leave me to my own devices while interacting with their peer group and that suited me just fine. Then I slip out when things get too much for me, take a breather, come back, and no one would bother me for it.

This guy though - was like, glued to my side all night. And I'm still not sure what to make of it.

Afterwards, I could have made him drive me all the way back to Buffalo but it was late (like 1 am) but I also had some slightly devious plans of my own and that was to sit him down and make him watch Repo! The Genetic Opera. And to my delight, he quite enjoyed it.

Then we slept.

In the same bed (sorry Mom!) But that's all we did. We were both extremely tired and so we cuddled up together and did the sleep thing. Just the sleep thing. :)

And that was nice, surprisingly. I'm the type of person who DOES NOT LIKE having anyone touching me when I'm sleeping. I need the whole bed, I need to stretch out, I need to have my own nest of blankets and pillows, mine. And yet, I totally didn't mind having this other warm body spooned up behind me. Is it weird to say that sometimes you just 'fit' with another person? That might have been what was happening here.

And we slept for a good while. I think it was late afternoon before he drove me back home. And I had to sit through another round of chatting with the Dad. But let's put it this way: I was still tired, I was slightly hungry, in desperate of a shower, and I craved a good pair of pajamas. Essentially, I just wanted to wrap it up and get home.

But you know what? Overall - I had a good time. The music thing was definitely something new for me, but I enjoyed it. I enjoyed just being around him. I enjoyed watching him in HIS element.

Perhaps, one of these days, I'm gonna have to pull him into my world and see how he fares. :)


  1. Wow, someone you can just sleep comfortably next to and not worry about anything, that's great! And he sounds so nice and understanding! I know that whole socially awkward in crowds thing!

    1. I know. Sometimes I have to like, stop, and take stock of just how lucky I am that I found this person. Or that he found me. Maybe it's written in the stars, who fucking knows? ^_^