Thursday, November 20, 2014

When Life Shits On You

Oh Look, a wig!

A lot of new things have happened to me since my last post here. A lot of personal and not so great things.

Thing, the first: I broke up with my boyfriend. It's something that was a long time in coming and it sort of all came to a head now that I've made a sincere attempt to straighten out my mental health and look into a proper future for myself. The boy has always been toxic to me, but I refused to acknowledge it until I stopped to think about all the times he put me down, killed my confidence, or just generally didn't care about anything I wanted out of life.

It was hard and there was crying involved, and then he wrote my brother a FB message about how much he hated him (which was REALLY uncalled for) but it's been radio silence on my end and I'm glad for that.

Thing, the second: I got myself a job. It's nothing neat or fancy (and I actually kind of hate it) but it's a paycheck and I can start saving up whilst paying off things that need to be paid now.

Thing, the third: I'm taking my fucking life back! Which means redecorating my room, looking at colleges on the west coast, and making an OKcupid profile. That latter actually kind of made me cringe, but I did find some people I already know on there, so it's not horrible. I'm not looking for anything though - just to waste time.

Anywho...the holidays are coming up, so now my mission is to de-stress and learn to love myself and life again.


  1. Good for you!! I'm proud of you for taking back your life.

  2. You've made hard decisions that appear quite healthy! Good for you. If I had broken up with the toxic men from the past, I would have been divorced twice so see this as saving yourself some money (among other beneficial things).

    I've never joined the online dating world but I've had friends who did and it worked for them. Based on your recent decision, sounds like you're going to be just fine.

  3. Good for you. Sometimes the hardest decisions to make are the best ones in life. Keep up the good work!

  4. It is good you have made the tough decisions, it is good to get rid of people that don't help and be strong and take care of yourself on your own! Best of luck!