Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Merry Trip to Helheim

Halloween/Samhain 2014

 Photo Heavy Post - Ye Be Warned!

First step on the morning of All Hallow's Eve was to prepare the costumes.

Then it was onto decorating and readying the house for the night's party.

Then it was makeup time. 

Messed up a bit on the face, but for my first time at a "skull" look it turned out well enough. Add a black gown, wig, and accessories and I felt perfectly suited to represent the goddess Hel.

The boy's look took some twists and turns and after fashioning a mohawk ( bleach and dying) and some of my more Lolita-ish clothing later, we decided on Granny Punk Chic. It was actually pretty neat looking.

Little Brother borrowed some of my festive scarves to spice up his clown "costume".

Mom went as a Twister game. Cute and I add some funny makeup to tie in the colors of the game. 

Overall, it was a fun night. I refrained from getting piss drunk and actually held my own in a few rounds of Screw Your Neighbor. We didn't have many attendees - just some local family, but that was alright. 

How was your Halloween?


  1. Mmm, love that silky looking dress and cool idea how you put those hands on it! Your makeup is fantastic! Mine Halloween was quiet!

  2. The creepy forest scene-setter drape does make me think that a forest pattern would be lovely for proper wall paper, drawn in either a more subtle or more realistic style.