Friday, October 24, 2014

It's just a bunch of Hocus Pocus!

With Halloween being only a week away, I want to create a tribute to my favorite silver screen zombie of all time: Billy Butcherson.

I'd like to make something perfectly clear before we start - I don't like zombies. The Walking Dead is a soap opera with rotten guts, and Resident Evil was better as a video game. None of this T-virus crap...I like my zombies old-fashioned. The poor exhumed souls of the dead, raised to do one's bidding. Necromancy at its finest, I suppose.

So we've got Billy, rending apart the splintered wood of his coffin long before the zombie craze took off. Formerly Winifred's lover (would die to know how that got started, heh), dallied with prettier (albeit daft) Sarah, and paid for his poor judgment with his life. I imagine if my beau poisoned me and sewed my mouth shut, I'd be a bit pissy too when I crawled out of the grave.

The guy doesn't get many lines, but the Doug Jones ad-lib is pretty spectacular.

According to some behind the scenes chit-chat, Billy was supposed to be a handsome zombie. Isn't that great? Now my first ever undead movie crush is justified - it's not just me being weird and creepy.

Dani wants to be his new best friend. What a weird kid.

Cool, wanna hang out in my coffin?

Come on! Could you say no to those eyes?

Pinkstylist even did a makeup tutorial for this character, Check it out here!


  1. Love that movie and I agree with you, I don't like the Walking Dead either. I am getting tired of all the new z crap thats out there

  2. Lol I'm the same way, I don't like the walking dead, it's a soap opera with zombie skin thrown on top. There's very little to do with zombies because all the focus is on the people and their pussy relationships. I also despise the Resident Evil movies!!! >.< But Hocus Pocus is rad.

  3. Ah Hocus Pocus has been my favourite movie for years, I love it so much!!! My favourite character is Binks the cat I reckon...