Saturday, August 16, 2014

How I Wear It: Fall Style

It's mid August now and that means autumn is literally just around the corner. I'm not gonna lie, I'm REALLY looking forward to cooler weather and more interesting clothing options. Sure, I've had fun with my summery pin-up experiments, but I want to wear tights and longer dresses and fur coats.

So without further adieu, this is what I'm oogling for autumn fashion and how I'd go about wearing it:


Wearing stripes, particularly of the black and white variety always reminds of Beetlejuice which inevitably leads me to start dreaming of Halloween. So in preparation for the greatest American/European holiday on earth, this is how I like to coordinate stripes.

Leopard Print

So this animal print has really become a favorite for me. I never used to like it and I still understand why a lot of people don't, but there are just SO MANY ways to style it. I definitely consider a neutral these days.

Mixed Prints

There's really no better season to start mixing and matching different colors and prints. It's the season where the leaves turn a variety of shades and swirl together into a beautiful mess. I guess that's what I'd call this phenomenon too.

Military Jacket

I picked up this green cargo jacket recently and I've been looking for ideas on how to pair it up. This is what I've got so far that I can see myself rocking.

Honorable mentions:

~ Red Plaid
~ Retro dresses with cardigans
~ Shorts w/ tights and large sweaters
~ Neutral shades of lace (beige, white, cream, etc)
~ Cute hats

What's on your style watchlist for the upcoming fall season? Are you following any new trends or sticking to your tried and true cool weather uniform? Let me know in the comments!


  1. We're about to come back into Spring here, I can't even think about Winter! Your choices look nice though and I love the red paisley waistcoat!

    1. I know! I used to actually own a pink paisley one and for some idiotic reason I donated it. I really wish I could find another one similar to this.

  2. Aw I can't wait for Autumn either, it's my favourite season. I love all your ideas-I'm not thinking further yet than enormous cosy old sweaters :p

  3. To me, autumn is all about scarves and stockings with cute boots. I’ll wear a pair of sheer black tights, black OTK socks and thick military green wool socks most days.

    1. That's a lot of leg layering! Does it get bulky or itchy by any chance?