Friday, August 1, 2014

Don't Say These Things!

Recently ran across this girl on Youtube and in addition to thinking she's absolutely gorgeous, she's also funny and has some "great insight" to reactions when people get stupid around us alternative folk.

So let me know, what have you heard (about yourself or others) that simply should not be said for the sake of tact and dignity?


  1. I personally was called "a fucking emo". Someone shooted to a friend of mine :"Hey, Halloween!"
    Also I was often criticized by strangers in the street regarding my alternative style (not necessarily goth). Stupid people have always existed. We won't dress according to their tastes just because they're assholes.

    1. I've gotten "Little Bo Peep" in full on Gothic Lolita. It's like....seriously?!

      Never mind the overall rudeness, but how do they get it so wrong?

  2. Went to buy some paint supplies with my husband and when we asked for help to find it the worker goes "Well the paint is right over there, but I think you guys would be more interested what isle has the razor blades."
    My husband and I kinda giggled about it, but I can imagine if he'd of said that to the wrong person it could have not went over so smoothly.
    Then another time we were looking at wine glasses and an elderly woman walks past and says "Oh that'll be good for your sacrificial blood drinking." Yet another thing that could have not went so smoothly.

    1. Yeah, I can see how that could go south if you don't have a sense of humor about that sort of thing. I guess it depends on the intent behind the person making those quips too....

  3. Insults: "freak" "weirdo"

    Stating the obvious: "Oi! GOTH!" because I clearly don't know I'm a Goth >.>
    and "Oi! Mosher!" because I'm a Goth, not a metalhead... well, an occasional metalhead, but they're separate subcultures and it's just ignorant. Also add people calling me an Emo - ALSO a separate subculture.

    These questions aren't funny, they're stupid:
    "So, are you a vampire?" (No, as vampires aren't REAL, and nor am I one of those people that thinks they're a vampire.)
    "Are you a witch?" (Yes, I am actually, but it has NOTHING to do with my clothes; most of the other witches I know are hippy types!)
    "Don't you know that Halloween's already happened/not until later this year?"
    (Yes, I know precisely when Halloween is; I have one of those count-down-the-days things. And THIS IS ISN'T A COSTUME.)
    "Whose funeral is it? *silly giggles*" (I end up with the urge to retort "yours if you don't f**k off" but I am just too stereotypically British and polite.)
    "So do you cut your arms or something?" (Equating Goth to self-harm is such a messed up thing. Self harming is almost always the result of mental healthy problems, it is NOT a part of the subculture or an entry requirement for becoming a Goth! I had someone tell me that I wasn't really a Goth because to become a Goth you had to cut pentagrams on your arms as an initiation ritual, and I didn't have pentagram scars >.< I do NOT know where this harmful misinformation comes from.)

    Stuff that's probably an honest question but gets tiring after a while:
    "Are you one of those Gothics/Goth people/Goths?" (Apart from the urge to explain that Gothic is an adjective and Goth is the noun... yes, I am, I'd have thought it was obvious, but I guess some people need confirmation.)
    "Is that your real hair?" (I have this, and variants of this, often enough to have written an entire blog post about this sort of question)
    "Are you in a play?" (I know my fashion and make-up are a lot more elaborate than most normal people's, but this is just how I dress; it is not a costume.)

    And anything that's an attempt to convert me to Christianity based on the assumption that my clothes mean I am anti-Christian. You get Christian Goths, you get Goths of all religions, and trying to accost me, a stranger, in the street to convert me to your religion is downright rude. My religion is between me and the Divine, and is NONE of anyone else's business unless I feel like sharing it, and even then I won't share it in a proselytising manner. I've had two people try and convert me to being a Hare Krishna, and one Scientologist, but they were stopping everyone that walked by, so I don't think that had anything to do with me being Goth; it has only so far been Christians that have picked me out specifically due to being Goth for attempted conversion, but I guess this applies for any other member of a religion working on this premise that Goths are walking down the wrong path in terms of faith, especially any assumptions that we are all Satanists. You do get a couple of Satanist Goths, but most Goths aren't Satanists.

    1. Oh yeah, the religious wingnuts are the worst.

      Kind of surprising but in my small hometown I don't get any of that. I think everyone's just so wrapped up in their own stuff that they don't notice or care about anyone else - fine by me.

      It was when I was in a metro area for uni that it got ridiculous.

  4. This one is so gross, but I was wearing black lipstick and...
    "I'd hate to get that shit on my dick."
    Like my having it on in my profile picture(this happened over myspace) was some kind of offer.

    1. Ugh, that's just so.....what a twat!