Sunday, August 31, 2014

Life Happens

I've been getting serious about writing again. I'm working on a new novel - Spirit Stepping, which is a paranormal tale with a hint of romance. I'm actually hoping to complete it before November because....dun dun DUN! I'm going to partake in NaNoWriMo! This will be my first year doing it officially, I even signed up on the website.

Problem is....I have NO CLUE what to write. Maybe a sequel Spirit Stepping. I kind of want to make it a trilogy, after all. And it will be fresh in my mind - the characters and such. Good idea? Yes or No?

In other news, the last day of August is proving to be a tumultuous one. For the latter part of the week, forecasters have been saying that today is going to be rife with severe weather and just taking in the unstable atmosphere right now - I believe it. There's this HUGE line of stormy crap coming up from Kansas and the Dakotas, it'll probably get here in another few hours. Probability of large hail and tornadoes is high. Joy.

I don't mind storms. Hell, I rather enjoy them. But not when they have the potential to tear apart Mom's little mobile home and violently destroy my stuff and kill my family/cats. So suffice to say, I'm a little nervous about the squall racing across state lines.

You guys get any crazy weather? How do you usually deal?

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hair Update: Burgundy

It seems that with every upcoming season, I feel the need to change my hair. Last December I began sporting the pixie in all it's various forms. I had a mohawk for the holidays and dyed it bright red for spring. It was cropped super short for the summer months and now that fall is fast approaching and I've gained a bit of fluffy length on the top, I decided it was time to explore new options.

So I went Burgundy.

I picked this color up at Walmart yesterday for a few dollars and went ahead and put the WHOLE BOTTLE on my hair. We're talking super saturated here, and the results are pretty spectacular.

So here I am at 9 am, still in pajamas and looking a wee bit washed out, but I decided to use my webcam and take some quick snaps of my hair. It's a bit darker than what showed on the box, but I've used this dye before and so I expected that. I like it.

I seem to gravitate towards darker shades during Autumn and Winter - I've been really adoring this burgundy and deep purple leaning. I'm sure once my hair grows out a bit more I might dye it again, but I'm really pleased with this for now.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

How I Wear It: Fall Style

It's mid August now and that means autumn is literally just around the corner. I'm not gonna lie, I'm REALLY looking forward to cooler weather and more interesting clothing options. Sure, I've had fun with my summery pin-up experiments, but I want to wear tights and longer dresses and fur coats.

So without further adieu, this is what I'm oogling for autumn fashion and how I'd go about wearing it:


Wearing stripes, particularly of the black and white variety always reminds of Beetlejuice which inevitably leads me to start dreaming of Halloween. So in preparation for the greatest American/European holiday on earth, this is how I like to coordinate stripes.

Leopard Print

So this animal print has really become a favorite for me. I never used to like it and I still understand why a lot of people don't, but there are just SO MANY ways to style it. I definitely consider a neutral these days.

Mixed Prints

There's really no better season to start mixing and matching different colors and prints. It's the season where the leaves turn a variety of shades and swirl together into a beautiful mess. I guess that's what I'd call this phenomenon too.

Military Jacket

I picked up this green cargo jacket recently and I've been looking for ideas on how to pair it up. This is what I've got so far that I can see myself rocking.

Honorable mentions:

~ Red Plaid
~ Retro dresses with cardigans
~ Shorts w/ tights and large sweaters
~ Neutral shades of lace (beige, white, cream, etc)
~ Cute hats

What's on your style watchlist for the upcoming fall season? Are you following any new trends or sticking to your tried and true cool weather uniform? Let me know in the comments!

Friday, August 8, 2014

PMHM: Mood Music

For Cleaning:

~David Bowie
~Repo! Soundtrack
~Billy Idol

I enjoy weird, offbeat, and high-tempo stuff when I'm working on cleaning my room or scrubbing the bathroom. It keeps me energized and motivated.

For Makeup/Hair:

The Birthday Massacre
Sisters of Mercy
Jill Tracy

When I need to be focused and mellow, like doing perfectly even eyeliner or curling my hair up to ruffly mohawk perfection, eerie-whimsy-somber does it for me.

For Writing or Reading:

- Gladiator soundtrack
- Fifth Element soundtrack
- music without vocals

If there are no vocals, but lots of powerful orchestral sounds - that's perfect for writing. Granted, it'll depend pretty heavily on if I'm working on an action scene, dialogue, a moment of introspection, etc.

For generalized reading though, you can beat a good somber piano piece.

Of course music affects other aspects of my life. If I've been on a Loreena McKennitt kick I'll gravitate towards flowing bohemian skirts and earth-toned makeup. After going through The Cure's discography, I find myself craving black lace, black tea, and Poe's collection of stories. Sometimes I even take inspiration from music videos when plotting hairstyles or daily outfits. I've been guilty of basing looks around Korean pop mv's. No lie.

When I was a teen, music got me through a lot of rough times. I was always a sensitive child and I took bullying and criticism REALLY HARD, so slamming on some Linkin Park tunes or crooning along with early Avril Lavigne might have gotten me through some of that. I could slip into that angry, resentful, "not gonna take shit" mentality and not feel completely hopeless for a while.

That's probably how I survived high school, come to think....

My interest in J-pop actually started a really intense interest in Japan itself, to the point where I took college courses on Asian geography and history, some language classes, and a real fascination with their fashion scene and how that relates to music.

I think that's why I had developed such an affinity for certain Visual Kei bands - they also had a large following of fans that wanted to emulate their looks and lifestyle. Not so unlike the early years of Goth.

On an ending note, I have played music for my plants. They tend to really enjoy that spiritual new age stuff, go figure. :)

Spooky University: Dorm Style

I swear I did a post like once upon a time, maybe more than one but it bears redoing - I'm always upping my interior decorating game. The school season is approaching once more for many of you (not me, not this time!) and so you may be shopping for dorm gear. I'm in the process of redoing my entire room, so while I've been Pinning all kinds of decorating goodies, I've come across quite a few that would work well for the average dorm room.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Don't Say These Things!

Recently ran across this girl on Youtube and in addition to thinking she's absolutely gorgeous, she's also funny and has some "great insight" to reactions when people get stupid around us alternative folk.

So let me know, what have you heard (about yourself or others) that simply should not be said for the sake of tact and dignity?