Tuesday, July 29, 2014

PMHM: Dog Days of Summer

Here's a quick rundown of how I survive the baking temperatures of the Midwest during summertime.

1. I drink. Constantly. And we're not talking booze specifically here, but iced tea, iced coffee, water, juice, Kool-Aid if I'm in dire straits....

2. Lots of sunscreen. I've already had the misfortune of a deep burn this year, so I'm upping my game with a better UV cream now.

3. Short hair. I know a lot of people don't want to sacrifice long and flowing locks for the sake of being cool, but I rather like my pixie cut so it ended up being the perfect summer hair style.

4. Powder foundation. I have semi oily skin to begin with and the summer humidity does NOT help matters. Thus, I forgo most of my liquid products and opt for a nice powdered foundation in a light shade.

5. Waterproof eye makeup. This one is kind of a no-brainer if you sweat just by stepping outside.

6. Sheer fabrics and light colors. For me, summer is a time to branch out away from traditional Goth looks. I start to experiment with witchy and boho maxi dresses, floppy hats, and vintage inspired looks.

7. Handheld fan. These are a godsend. I prefer the pretty ones that fold up nice and neat to tuck in my purse, but I wouldn't turn down a battery operated fan with misting effects. :)

8. Appropriate sandals. Normally, I adore crazy footwear, but it's just not practical when it's 98 degrees F and 99% humidity. So I have a go-to pair of thong sandals that match most summer Goth coordinates. They're black and the straps have rivets on them - subtle but effective.

9. Books. I tend to really stock up on books during the summer months. I want to be productive, but in a sense that doesn't involve much movement or heat exhaustion. Besides, a good novel goes perfectly with that spiked iced tea for earlier. ;)

10. You just can't beat good old fashioned air-con, though. Whether it's a central air unit or a window device, I need to stay cool indoors. So do my plants and such. And my cat.


  1. Pixie cuts are great for summer. (Unfortunately it's winter where I am.)

    1. The upside to having short hair in the winter is that "hat hair" is never really a big problem. :)

  2. I cut my hair short at the end of summer, and it was a relief but now I miss my hair and am growing it back. I am with you on the fans, I often bring my feather fan to Goth clubs to cool me down after lots of dancing. I ought to find a plainer one for everyday use, the feathers get stuck in zippers so I don;t usually take it many places.

    If you are at home, standing under the shower on cold can help too, ha ha

  3. I would never get a pixie, but I do put my hair up almost all the time, so yep, you have a point, but I certainly couldn't agree more about powder foundation; seriously, that's what keeps me from melting...;)

  4. I actually keep my hair long so that I can put it up in buns or in pigtails.

    It's a sad reality that so much *fun* reading occurs only between semesters :-/

  5. Awesome suggestions! And that's exactly why I keep my hair up at all times. And I wear powdered foundation year round sans liquid. There's just something about liquid foundation that I hate. It makes me feel like I'm wearing a mask.

    Thanks for participating!

    1. Yeah, I hear you about the liquid foundation. If I go for an pigmented liquids, it's usually a BB cream or tinted moisturizer. Great for dry winter skin, so yeah. :)