Sunday, July 13, 2014

Day 9 and 10: Scenic Astoria

So Astoria is a cute little town - lots of convoluted hilly streets, the GPS hates it but I quite enjoyed it. 


Baked Alaska! Neatest little restaurant in Astoria. Great views too!

The clam chowder was delicious!

Baked Alaska specializes in pizza, so even their "sandwiches" are made with pizza crust. This was pork belly with bacon jalapeno jam and melted cheese. Yum!

This is the cute little studio we stayed in. Fantastic view of the ships coming into port and a very comfy bed.

Cannon Beach is lovely, even on a cloudy day!

The water up here is still pretty cold though, so no more than wet toes.

Ha, proof I was there. Me in front of Haystack Rock. :)

Seaside is a touristy little town, so we didn't find any parking. Which was sad because I REALLY wanted Pig'n'Pancake. Still I managed to snap some photos heading through on 101.

Back into Astoria. Can you believe this is a draw bridge?

Oh my gosh, look what we found!

These pancakes knock Perkins' out of the water. So fluffy and light! Still that's a lot of pancakes. So I have leftovers!

The gorgeous backyard garden at our host's house. They were really lovely people - I'd stay with them again.

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  1. MMMMMM! I love pancakes so much! Ha ha.

    I love the old fashioned looking building and room!