Friday, July 11, 2014

Day 8: The After Party

We did have a great deal of fun in Merchant's Cafe. Choosing a high table near the bar, we ordered some drinks (Catie had a Bloody Mary and then we both tried Pyramid's apricot ale) and some light food (chicken nuggets and fries, anyone?) while having random conversation, researching the ghostly history of the bar, and taking some funny and ill-timed photos.

I also tried really hard to capture some haunted photos but I don't think I actually snapped anything interesting. What do you think?

We spent Thursday hanging in the apartment and when Catie got home I whipped up a quick noodle dish and then we got to drinking and munching and playing card games. That was my first time playing Dominion ever and after the initial confusion it was pretty fun. Then we played a few hands of Uno (I won like three in a row - that never happens to me) and finally I taught Catie how to play the very simple card game called Screw Your Neighbor. I really ought to make a Youtube tutorial of that one of these days. It's super fun.

Now we're just packing up our stuff and finishing up any last minute cleaning. Then it's off to Astoria for a few days and then onto Portland. The first leg of our journey is coming to a close.

Stay tuned for more photo updates and travel nonsense. :)


  1. I am not sure about ghostly but that painting of the woman in the chair looks kind of freaky.

    I am learning to play Dominion, too, so much strategy! It's fun though!

    1. Yeah, the painting is eerie - I guess it's really old and has been hung on the wall since the 1800's. It's suppose to be the Lady of the Night that haunts the joint.