Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Day 5: Alki Beach and Sunburn

Yesterday the boy and I drove over to West Seattle to visit Alki beach, which is one of the few "sandy" beaches in the area. We lucked out with another beautiful sunny day and spent a good chunk of time wandering along the Alki Trail and then sitting on the beach and enjoy the sea breeze and waves.

This little house on the left was covered in a cool rock facade.

A lovely view of the city skyline.

This is a chocolate banana shake. Mmmm.

We stopped at a small burger joint on the beachfront called Fatburger. This was my delicious Honey Garlic Chicken Sandwich. And curly fries. 

The boy and I did some chatting while we were sitting on the beach and we came to the decision that it just wasn't working out at our host's place. We were concerned that their parents upstairs didn't want us there, that they were arguing about us, and didn't feel particularly welcome. Most of that ended up not being the case, but in the end we moved house into Catie's apartment. Until Friday morning, we'll be crashing on her pull-out couch and giving Odin lots of attention.

Both of us also got EXTREMELY sunburned yesterday at the beach. I didn't realize the sun would be so strong out here. I already had a bit of a base tan before leaving Minnesota so I'm kind of surprised by how red and sore I am. 

So today we'll be just hanging out in the apartment and recovering before another jaunt into town and maybe some mountain hiking. :)

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  1. You look nice, like the sunglasses. Are your earrings turtles?