Monday, July 7, 2014

Day 4: Another romp around Seattle

So yesterday we were up at the butt-crack of dawn because our hosts were upstairs tromping around and chattering quite loudly in Punjabi. I imagine none of their guests have ever alerted them to how little sound insulation they have in these prefab home structures...

We decided to go on the Underground Tour with Catie yesterday because she hadn't done it yet and I thought it would be really interesting to see. I took a ton of photos (see yesterday's photo dump) hoping to get an orb or some ghostly apparition, but outside of the first underground area we visited, I didn't feel anything particularly odd or charged about the place.

Maybe too much living energy present....

After that we stumbled around a bit more and wound up in the international district which was awesome. They have a Kinokuniya bookstore there and this large Asian market called Uwajimaya. I wanted to buy like....everything. I NEED to live somewhere with a large asian market. No lie.

We also ate at one of the little food vendors in the market - I had a Vietnamese sandwich, which was a seasoned pork with cilantro and pickled veggies on it all snuggled up tight in a loaf of french bread. Good stuff.

We were all still pretty pooped out from the previous day's romp through downtown, so the boy drove us all back to Catie's new apartment - which is a renovated space underneath a house but it's very spacious and comfy, with a nice little backyard/courtyard deal that has a strange fruit tree. We couldn't figure out what the fruit was, but seeing as it's really early in the year for that sort of thing, maybe it'll become more apparent when it ripens.

Her cat Odin also joined us in the backyard and had some fun with the grass and the birds twittering at him from the tree. The neighbor dogs make him a bit jumpy though and he can't figure out the loud engine noises of the planes overhead, but he seemed pretty chill otherwise.

Before all that we hung out inside with a bunny that Catie was babysitting. She was a cute floppy eared thing the color of cinnamon so of course her name was Cinnabun. Too cute!

We came back to our host's place after 9 and the door was locked (doubly so) so he had to come unlock it for us. Then it was sleep time, which was, yet again, disturbed by the very same phenomena I described at the top of this post.


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