Saturday, July 5, 2014

Day 3: Seattle, The City Itself

We left our room at the Ramada Inn around 8:40 am and headed west for Seattle. We drove through some desert like terrain and absolutely HAD TO STOP and take some pretty photos. It was breathtaking and the air was so fresh!

Once in the city, we meandered through ridiculous traffic conditions to our home away from home. We tried calling their cell a few times and no one answered to we wandered around the neighborhood for a bit (we saw at least two homeless people in the park across the street and a thug looking dude started to follow us from a bus stop) before calling up my friend Catie and making plans to meet downtown.

We did get a call back from our host though, so we unloaded stuff in our room (which I still need to get pics of, but later!) and then ventured back into traffic and through the crazy winding one-way streets near Pioneer Square.

There we met up with Catie and wandered around. We ate in a little diner inside Pike Place - teriyaki salmon burgers are lovely, btw, and then wandered around some more. We checked out the waterfront area and, strolled down some streets, and finally checked out the Seattle Center - which is where Chihuly Gardens and the Space Needle.

Then we took the monorail back towards Pike and inside a random mall I found.....a Daiso shop! I didn't even know one existed in Washington. So of course I bought some random food items. :)

We walked around a bit more and then parted ways since Catie had some place to be later and we were tired and hungry. It took us awhile to get back our guest room, but now we're here and we're resting.

My feet are so sore I don't know if I can walk tomorrow much. And a bit hungry, but it's likely a better idea to stay in and rest for the remainder of the day so maybe noshing Poptarts is a good plan.

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  1. I love the look of the rocky cliffs! What luck to find a Daiso store! I only went to my first one this year, we don't have one locally.

    Take care of your feet, we tired our feet out once on a holiday and didn't want to walk the next day and missed out on a lot of stuff! Take lots of rests if you need them!