Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Late Night Session #4

Wow, it's been a while since I've done one of these. Basically, these are my sleep deprived ramblings and more so for vomiting my own thoughts than anything cohesive for people to read.

It's 4 am and my eyes hurt. Why am I not sleeping? I haven't been sleeping properly for a while now. I lay down and nothing happens. So I'm up trying to entertain myself in the wee hours of the morning and spend the day feeling like shit.


It's an endless cycle. Right now I'm sipping on coffee; and eating toast so it doesn't upset my stomach. I need to be awake for class at 9. It's going to be painful. Plus I have possibly two professors to chat with and maybe a trip to the Registrations Office. Gods....

There's so much I have to do to get caught up and a lot of work sitting in front of me. It's gonna take some pretty intense discipline and I hope I have what it takes to survive this. Luckily, I'm not on my own - I've got some people in my corner and I need to rely on them some. That's what they're there for, right?

I'm watching Game Grumps right now. Markiplier is a guest gamer and they're playing Quest for Camelot. What a complicated game - all the quests and cards and board pieces might make more sense if my brain wasn't completely scrambled.

Oh well.

I have to keep my mind somewhat engaged lest I fall into a coma right here at my desk. Would completely defeat the purpose of that coffee.

Fortunately, I only have to work hard for a few more months, then it's summer vacation. That means warm weather, lazy days reading books, maybe finding a part time job, the Lindsey Stirling now, and in July - a road trip to the Pacific Northwest.

We're gonna spend some time around Seattle and Portland - I'm really excited. I haven't been to that region of the U.S. since I was about eight and I don't remember a whole lot of that. If we really like it, we might consider it a possible location to take up residence in.

Are any of my readers from the Seattle/Portland region? What do you like most about the area? What don't you like about it? And if you're not from there, would you consider visiting?


  1. I live in Seattle and I LOVE it! Some great things about Seattle include its pretty mild weather (and lots of rain!), the fact that theres a TON to do, everyones super friendly, theres lots of different cultures and theres lots of shows and local scenes if thats your sort of thing. :)

    1. What are the living expenses like? I hear it's one of the pricier cities to settle down in?

  2. It's definitely pricer! I live in a dorm JUST outside of Seattle, so I'm unsure of what it costs IN Seattle. Seattle suburbs can be nice too though. Also it depends on what district in Seattle you live in. I believe Greenwood (and maybe Fremont?) are some of the cheaper ones, but I'm not sure. :/ It helps to have a roommate or two! :)