Monday, February 3, 2014

Rhythm of a Time Bomb Ticking Away

What do I do when the world is falling apart, I feel like OD'ing on my Zoloft, and I've run out of Youtube videos to watch? I mess up my hair and put some makeup on. Because that's gonna solve all my fucking problems, right?


  1. Oh man, my version is more like: When I feel like killing myself I'll go shopping.

    1. Shopping is lovely. Acquiring things is lovely. Not so much when you're flat broke though.

  2. That hair really is great! You really do look like a model! You have great eyes too! I think making yourself look great helps, I always feel more excited/ less meh about leaving the house when I am dressed up all nicely. I also like to dance around my room, mostly to Celtic or Gothic music, I don't like pop. Ha ha, that is kind of obvious. Have you ever tried EFT? It sounds ridiculously simple, but it can actually work, I think.

  3. Maybe not, but you look stunning in that hairdo, really! It's super cool.