Sunday, January 19, 2014

Music Discovery: Witchcore

Witchcore, as I've recently discovered, is a genre of music for edgy/geeky college girls, angsty but intellectual high school kids, and those of the darker persuasion looking for something that deviates a little from traditional goth rock.

Witchcore often consists of female-fronted (and sometimes ALL female) acts that are as influenced by Siouxsie and the Banshees as they are by Florence and the Machine. ChartAttack has this to say about it: "Think empowered women, slaying dragons and casting spells, with no cackling to be found whatsoever."

Austra, probably set to become the biggest name in the witchcore scene, are a trio from Toronto, with operatic vocals and creepy synths, lesbian-toned lyrics and a song called Spellwork. 

Blood Ceremony, also from Toronto, are a little more heavy metal but with plenty of macabre subject matter and badass vocals from Alia O'brien, this group conjures up images of hooded robes, rusted swords, and sacrifices to dragons. 

Next up we've got Shady Hawkins, much more Riot Grrrl! than the previous two examples but still appropriately witchy. Dead to Me is probably the perfect album for The Craft - if you're into saucy teen witches who flaunt it for shock value.

Other notable groups to check out:
Cat's Eyes - England
Creep - NYC
Esben and the Witch - England
Grimes - Montreal
Lykke Li - Sweden
Warpaint - L.A.
Chelsea Wolfe - L.A.

But of course I can't end this post without a shoutout to my favorite group displaying some witchcore tendencies. Bat For Lashes is one of my absolute favorite bands in the world. Here's why:


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  1. I love the term Witchcore, did you make it up! I have liked Inkubus Sukkubus for ages, and pagan inspired music is definitely one of the things I like, so I will check it out! I have waaay more mellow tastes than when I was younger, more into sort of dreamy, sad ethereal music these days!