Thursday, January 23, 2014

Alternative Makeup for the Harried College Kid

The last thing most of us have time for when we rouse our near dead bodies from the grave - I mean BED! - is impeccable and time consuming makeup. So in my own pursuit of some simple and relatively quick makeup ideas, I came across a few I'd like to share with you!

Emo/Scene Makeup (supposedly for teens)

I would personally skip the glitter bit on this look, but otherwise easy and nice looking.

Wearable Gothic Inspired Makeup

If you skip out on the face makeup (or do your own routine) her eyes and lips bit is awesome for an everyday look.

This one is absolutely perfect! And you don't need any super expensive products either.

I'm only adding this one because it's super cute and this girl has a similar eye shape to me, so I'm definitely gonna give this on a go soon! 


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  2. I sweeear, the more I practice the worse I get! I can do a cat's eye and Death's swirl from The Sandman, and that's it. I have got liquid eyeliner in my eye, and well, the last time I tried to do natural makeup, I was asked if I was ok and told I looked very tired. That's right, I made myself look dead in an unnatractive way! Oh well! :P